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Site Suggestions and Announcements / It is 2009 and there is no SEARCH???
« on: October 07, 2009, 02:12:22 PM »
What a crappy thing to not have a search feature on a db like this.  Unbelievable.

Get with the 00's and upgrade to VBulletin.  It is the highest end product out there and, for only $200.

Buy it.

Current Law Students / Re: Psychiatric Disability Right in Law School
« on: October 07, 2009, 02:03:08 PM »
Some porch talk needed...

You definitely are thinking into what other's may be thinking a bit too much.  That is okay for someone with bipolar.  It is caused by anxiety and you are clearly anxious.  It may also be caused by an inability to understand other people's reality (aka TOM or Theory of Mind).  Also common for bipolar.

For the rest of you, accommodations would be needed by the bipolar disorder sufferer because along with the highs and lows come attached a bunch of cognitive deficits in memory, attention, organization, impulsiveness, and the like.  Stress can really activate any one or a combination of the symptoms of bipolar and can aggravate these impairments.

The poster is right however, in that bipolars tend to be more intelligent on average and very creative.  My concern, however, would be that when you become a practicing attorney, you are a fiduciary and it is my view that being bipolar breaches that fiduciary duty.  Just like if you were managing someone's money as an investment advisor(also a fiduciary), bipolar would be wholly incompatible due to the episodic nature of when certain manifestations(mania, depression, or cognitive difficulties) appear.If you are in mid-trial or someone is really relying on you, then you could really screw them up to to impaired judgement and cognition.

Being a corporate lawyer would likely be better.

Dont think these impairments do not exist.  Check out my site to learn more on bipolar.  It is the Drudge of Bipolar Disorder! 

By the way, I have Bipolar I. Probably ADD as well.
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