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I pulled a 148 on my first LSAT with a 2.9 GPA, I'm retaking the LSAT in October and shooting to pull a 151-153 as my first one was an unprepared fluke. I'm from SC so I'm trying to stay close to home as I'm going to take the SC Bar. Out of the three above, which one would be the more plausible school to get into? I know none of these are amazing schools, however its kind of what I "think" I may have a chance with. Any Pros or Cons?????


No, it was a small branch of the Univeristy of South Carolina....what did you think? maybe change the premise about helping people to leadership...??

I think it kind of depends on the school. I'm writing an addendum to explain my first 2 years of undergrad and why my grades were so bad compared to good grades in my last two years..Just ask the admmissions, most I have talked to will answer that for you

“Call 911 and wake up the neighbors” I screamed to my roommate as I noticed out the corner of my eye our apartment steps were one fire. I ran outside to evaluate the situation and realized there was no way to stop the large amount of flames consuming the wooded stairs leading three stories up. Our apartment was on the first floor, so as my roommate woke up the neighbors on our floor, I ran up to the third floor and banged on every door until someone answered and repeated this on the second floor. Between the confusion and adrenaline rushing through my body I was still somewhat able to keep my since of composer, and I knew that everyone had to be notified and gotten out to safety.  After we were able to make contact with everyone that was home that night, we were able to confirm that everyone was out. After these 20 minutes which seemed like an hour occurred we were only able to stand with 22 other members of our college community and watch our places of living completely burn to the ground. We had moved in that morning and been forced to move out that night. My roommate and I didn’t even think of our reporting the fire and waking up the neighbors as being anything other than that of the norm. It wasn’t until stories were released and members of my school’s faculty commended us on what we had done, I realized that because of our quick thinking and unselfishness others were not harmed.  Understanding this has helped me to realize after many years of struggling on what the center of my life is based on, that of helping others

Studying for the LSAT / How can I make time to Study?
« on: September 02, 2009, 10:34:03 AM »
I'm planning on taking the LSAT in December and have been studying sections off and on for about two months. With three months to go I want to put everything I can in it, and take a Kaplan Course. My only problem is that I work 10 hour shifts starting next week all the way until December, how would you guys suggest going about the studying process? 

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