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Hi Singlemomma76,
Hmm, well, seems like this thread has taken a little turn? ;) Has anyone answered your question yet?  :D JK
I actually really identify with what you're going through though our situations are a bit different. I have a two and a half year old that I have stayed at home with from day one but have been wanting to apply to law school for a while, all the time feeling a bit guilty that I will be away from him for my own ambitions. Putting him in daycare or w/ babysitter isn't something that I want to do so, after a few months of soul searching, I came up with a pretty simple solution---I'LL JUST WAIT! I'm going to wait a little while until he's older and in school. Your kids are 3 and another year, maybe two, they will be in kindergarten and preschool for most of the day, right? Also, in the meantime, maybe make some arrangements with your work so that you could work part time and go to law school part time. Or start looking into loans that would make it easier to go to school and not have to work to support your family during that crucial first year. That way, you will have a little piece of mind about being around more for your kids and still doing your best in school, ie better chance of a good job/salary. There are LOTS of ways to get to your goals. Start researching and ask questions of which law programs would be the best bit for your family and your life situation and begin applying to those. Can't hurt right?
 Best of luck. I hope that you find the right answer for you and your children. And remember, where there's a will, there's a way! :)

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