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just wondering - i went to an HYP undergrad (currently at an HYSCC).  will my undergrad help my biglaw resume even a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit?

Job Search / undergrad - does it factor in at all?
« on: August 10, 2009, 11:26:53 AM »
if you went to an ivy league undergrad (i went to an HYP), does it help even a teensy weensy bit when firms look at your resume? 

i'm meeting with a prof. next week to discuss a poor exam grade.  i just picked up the exam and will be reviewing it today. any tips on how to approach this kind of a meeting?  i'm not looking for a grade change, but do want to know how i can ask why i deserved such a poor grade (b-) without offending her.

I have a similar situation, but in regards to biglaw firms. 

i have a 3.1'ish GPA at an HYSCC law school... i landed a summer job that has undoubtedly catapulted my legal research, writing, and analytical skills to a level far beyond what I ever acquired as a 1L. despite the amazing, incredibly educating experience, i have this awful gpa hanging over my head.  same question as the OP minus the drop-out consideration: am i totally screwed for biglaw firms in this economy, with this gpa???

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