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Hey everyone,

I am currently in medical school, but would like to someday in the future work in Big Law as well.  Parlaying my experience as a physician into being a more effective lawyer.  So my question is this... I am currently going to a state medical school, whose corresponding law school is T3.  I could add in my JD, along with my MD, for two extra years and low cost but it is a T3 law school. 

So would it be better to get the degree now, or wait and try and go to a top 10 school 15 years from now when I would be looking to transition careers.  Would the MD, along with the JD from a lower tier school help me get the Big Law later on even though typically those jobs are reserved for teir 1 graduates?

Thanks for any thoughts!

(BTW- I don't intend for this to be a "Should I get a JD" thread, or a "what is the value of a MD/JD"...  So preferably none of the "WHy in the world would you think about doing this..." comments :)

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