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Pursuing an LLM / Re: Is an LLM worth it?
« on: December 14, 2011, 10:08:44 AM »
I've spoken with a handful of tax attorneys and a tax court judge, and their opinions are split.  Some insist I should get the LLM, especially since my undergrad degree is not in tax.  Others insist that, unless I plan to practice transactional law, it's a waste of time.  I've taken 1 LLM class so far (business valuation & financial statement analysis, for JD credit) and hated it, so I'm a little turned off by the transactional route.  I'm meeting with the LLM director over the break, who will obviously have his own bias.  Just really frustrated at all the conflicting advice  >:(

Pursuing an LLM / Re: Is an LLM worth it?
« on: December 14, 2011, 09:43:35 AM »
So frustrated with the conflicting advice on this topic. I'm beginning my 3L year at Chicago-Kent, which has an LLM program in tax (tax is the only LLM I would consider).  I plan to go into tax law and have worked in the school's tax clinic for 2 semesters, handling real cases in US Tax Court.  So, the question is: Do I graduate in Dec 2012 with a JD and maybe go back for an LLM later (if at all), OR do I stay 1 extra semester and graduate in May 2013 with a JD/LLM in tax? 

I've generally heard that an LLM will only help if I do transactional work, but won't matter if I stick with litigation.  I want to be done with school, but if I ever get the LLM, doing it in 1 semester and double dipping the credits with the JD sounds a lot better than doing it in 2 semesters later.  Either way, I will graduate with a certificate in business law, but I don't think that really means anything.  Thoughts??

Law School Admissions / Re: HIGH GPA/LOW LSAT
« on: November 01, 2010, 12:00:47 PM »
Retake the LSAT.   I had an average LSAT score and thought my high GPA, work experience, and letters of rec. would compensate, but that's not really the case.  If I realized at the time how important the LSAT score is, I would have retaken it.  It can determine what school you go to, which can determine a whole chain of other things.

I agree.  I work full time and have been taking an average of 10-12 credits/semester.  It is manageable, but you have to stay focused.  If you get into a rhythm and start to relax, you could run into trouble.  Explain to friends & family at the outset that they will not see you for the next 4 years except during breaks between semesters.  The good thing is it teaches you discipline and excellent organization. 

Current Law Students / Re: Best Audio study aids?
« on: July 19, 2010, 08:20:19 AM »
I just picked up some Law School Legends audio cassettes  on evidence and property for a small amount.    Is Sum and Substance superior to the others?  It seems they are more expensive- but a few people have been happy with them.

I think I listened to a Law School Legends torts CD once.  It was fine; I just personally preferred the style of Sum & Substance.  Do they have them at your school's library?  That's how I always got them.

I agree.  No need to make excuses.  Just use your personal statement to show how much you've grown and matured and how you are self-motivated to work hard.  A 170 LSAT score from self-studying is pretty impressive.

Current Law Students / Re: Part Time Law
« on: July 15, 2010, 12:34:58 PM »
Big reason is that my employer will pay almost 50% of my tuition and while working I will be able to pay my mortgage and my tuition too. I am just looking for improvement in my career, something better.

Personally, I wouldn't even think twice.  If your employer will pay half your tuition and you can still earn a decent income, do it.  I firmly believe that less debt = more opportunities.  PT students CAN get externships, internships, clerkships, and jobs.  I've met so many people who are now working at respectable firms that went part time.  Yes, you have to be creative and excel at time management and organization and get over the fact that you have NO flexibility in your schedule.  But it's doable.  The biggest disadvantage is you lose out on some of the programs that are only offered during the day - but, for me, that's not as important as minimizing debt.  You have to be diligent about seeking out opportunities that will help you, but it's doable.  Talk to other PTers and see how they did it.  It reflects well on your character when you can manage law school and work, especially if you keep your grades up.  And the other students in your program are going through the same thing so you won't feel like you're going completely crazy all by yourself.

I also went to grad school while working, and law school is totally different.  You cannot skim (or skip) the reading, show up, and expect to do well.  The material isn't hard - you just have to master it, which takes time. 

Current Law Students / Re: Best Audio study aids?
« on: July 15, 2010, 12:21:43 PM »
I love Sum & Substance.  I have a 45-minute train commute each way and I listen to those over and over.  Not sure about the casebook thing - although the one for contracts is with the same guy that edited my contracts casebook (Whaley), so I figured that was a good match.  They only go over the general concepts, so you definitely can't rely on them alone.  But as a way to reinforce concepts while you're commuting, I think they're great.

Current Law Students / Re: Is law school making you lose more hair?
« on: July 14, 2010, 11:43:30 AM »
Hilarious.  I found a couple gray hairs on my head for the first time last year.  I feel like I've aged 20 years since I started law school.

Financial Aid / Re: Grad Plus Loan...
« on: July 14, 2010, 11:40:57 AM »
As long as your debt is currently up to date or paid off, you should be fine.  It should say on your credit report whether or not it's been paid.  If it doesn't reflect your payment, you need to call the credit reporting agency and have them change it.  Then you should have no problem.  If you do, you should be able to fax proof of payment to the Grad Plus company and that'll do it.

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