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Book Sales and Trades / Re: 6 wks to NY Bar Exam, I have great outlines!
« on: September 28, 2009, 09:29:52 PM »

It's the time of year again.

Notes have been updated.

Also have tons of other PMBR, BarBri, Law Decks and Micromash materials I can send you for free if you buy notes.

Book Sales and Trades / 6 wks to NY Bar Exam, I have great outlines!
« on: June 16, 2009, 10:51:41 AM »
The Bar is coming up in six weeks, and I'm posting this for all the people who may not have time to make their own quality outlines, or who just want really good outlines.

I'm not going to guarantee you'll pass after ten days of studying them, or charge you $20 per subject, or anything like that. Very simply, these are very comprehensive, well-prepared outlines that have been revised and edited many times to ensure they're perfect.

They include all the points of law from the BarBri Long Books and live lectures, the PMBR books and recorded lectures, and include other nuances and points gleaned from doing thousands of multiple-choice and essay questions.

Others have given nothing but positive comments about these outlines, which aren't skimpy like the commercial ones you might buy. "These are awesome, thanks so much!" "Great!" "I passed, these were a life-saver", etc etc.

In any case, I worked very hard to prepare these notes and hope they can help someone else. I'm asking a nominal price of $25 for them - all subjects, both MBE and NY, over 500 pages in total.

Be glad to send you a sample too! Email me at

p.s. I know there'll be those who say to buy a set and upload them for all; unfortunately, I can't control what you do and whether you respect original work product. It's on your honor :)

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