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i am currently overseas and my professor has written my letter.
hes asking me if he can just send it to me by PDF so that I can send it.
is it possible that I could just fax it or mail it myself along with the form?

is this allowed in some way possible?

Law School Admissions / class selection
« on: June 11, 2009, 04:45:07 AM »

so my major is hotel & tourism at NYU, which im guessing adcoms will not care if my LSAT score is high, but may
be turned off by it.

Last semester I took a four credit vocal lessons course, and also took expressive cultures ( which is a four credit required Liberal arts course at NYU). I pass/failed the 4-credit expressive cultures course (passed it) and got an A for my vocal

This upcoming fall is my final and within my courseload i am taking elementary Korean I and elementary japanese I.

I am actually fluent in korean but because I was born in the states my reading and writing are shaky,
and this is why i take it, in order to get a firm grasp on the written part of the language.

I am taking japanese because i want to learn it.

Combined with my spring semester's pass/fail-ing of the liberal arts course, the vocal lessons..

and this upcoming semester of taking Elementary Korean I and Japanese I together, AS a korean person

will this trend in classes, and combination of two languages (one being korean, which i am korean)
make the adcoms go "wtf?"


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