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I can't speak for CUNY, because I know nothing about it. However, I would not cancel out NCCU. NCCU is a very reputable school. They have a vast array of clinical programs to choose from and quality faculty. Chief Justice Roberts just presided over their moot court competition--I don't think he would have wasted his time, if he didn't think they are a decent school. Do a search and you will find many articles giving high regard to NCCU. Of course, most opportunity will be in NC, when you graduate. They have many outstanding alumni (governor, judges, etc). The students that go there are mainly interested in public interest law. They are also a great value. I've heard Campbell is a good school, as well (also 4T) but much more expensive.

Now, if you can get into Wake Forest, UNC or Duke, I'd go there first, but I think you will get a good legal education at NCCU (and no I don't go there).

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