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Real Madrid President-In-Waiting Florentino Perez Seals Kaka Agreement With AC Milan – Report

From the cover of Spanish sports daily 'Marca' comes a report that could shake both AC Milan and Real Madrid to their foundations...

Real Madrid president-in-waiting Florentino Perez has already sealed an agreement with AC Milan to allow star midfielder Kaka to join up with the Blancos next season, according to Marca. The Madrid-based sports daily claims that Perez, who is set to win the upcoming presidential elections at the Santiago Bernabeu, agreed with Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani to sign the Brazilian during a meeting on March 16. The fee involved will be a colossal €60 million, payable over the next four years - the flagship expenditure of Perez's election campaign, which will begin in earnest in three weeks. Missing from the accord is Kaka himself, whose own economic matters have apparently yet to be settled. However, according to Marca, these will be a mere formality as the Milan agreement was the sticking point.

So confident is the newspaper of this transfer's fruition that the front page currently displays Zinedine Zidane - a well-known Perez ally - handing his old No. 5 shirt to a smiling Kaka. This mock-up photo is to illustrate the fact that the past Ballon d'Or winner is to seek his second World Player of the Year victory wearing the same number that saw the outgoing Fabio Cannavaro lift the award in 2006. Despite the jubilation in Spain, though, it appears as though this transfer saga is far from complete. Adriano Galliani has moved to scotch the rumours, telling La Gazzetta dello Sport this morning, "Florentino Perez and I have set up the G14 and our rapport goes beyond football. That's why I don't want to stir up any controversies and I am very calm. Perez has yet to be re-elected as president at Real and can’t make any commitments." "However, I am sure that if he really wanted to buy Kaka one day, he would come directly to me, without beating around the bush. "Therefore, I am calm: Kaka is not for sale and Florentino will make his peace with it."

Ewan Macdonald & Vince Masiello,

I guess they're just rumours - they're so old you just can't believe them. Take a look here, for instance:

Is this an American or European website? I mean, way too many posts on soccer here..


[...] They are often convinced that the celebrity is sending them cryptic messages intended only for them to understand. Erotomanic delusions last an average of 10 years.

Does the person substitute for it with a new one? For instance, does s/he become obsessed with another celebrity?

A quick Google search does not provide any off-hand answers. Anyone?


Sounds like mind control stuff, wdd81! Don't you think?

Strange diagram that of your avatar, contest - what does it mean?

Current Law Students / Re: Legal Reasoning
« on: May 15, 2009, 07:39:50 AM »

This is all nice being able to vent our collective rage at these scumbags. Believe me I struggle against just exploding with disgust at humanity seeing these captains of industry act like satans minions and most people just lamely sucking it up as lazy, weak, lobotomized consumer clowns all caring about no one and no thing except their own ease and convenience. So what I want to know is what are we all going to do about these parasites?

All these fascist pieces of poo deserve whatever we can do to them and then some! I fantasize a global revolution somewhat like the French revolution with mobs storming the office towers and mansions of the ruthlessly rich and dragging these shitballs from their obscene cucoons of comfort and burning them or cutting their f**cking evil heads off. You can bet that then unbridled greed and rapacious business practices would not be idolized and worshipped with the same vigor that it is today by our propaganda spewing masters. I can just see people like Dickhead Cheney trying to fit in with the street people dressed in rags.

Diogenes has said, "In a rich man's home there is no place to spit but in his face."

His grave would also work. 

Was Diogenes rich?


The generation of Mireille Mathieu

Ah Acropolis! Such a great place to visit! I've been only once in Greece (my brother used to live there) and I surely did take advantage to visit it! I can safely say that Athens is famous mostly because of Acropolis and its ancient history! When I immigrated to the US (my brother got me and several others to the US on a special C visas :) all the people at my work was jealous I had been in Athens! 

Yeah right, jealous! Athens stinks and has a reputation of being a quite dirty city among tourists!

Current Law Students / Re: Law Schools To Avoid At All Costs!
« on: May 15, 2009, 07:14:59 AM »


[...] The problems created by institutionalization center on the fact that any system must constantly renew itself if it is to survive. This is true for an individual, an organization, or a civilization. All systems are subject to the second law of thermodynamics, the entropic principle that a closed system will move from a state of order to disorder. But human beings and our social systems are open -- not closed systems -- meaning that they can resist entropy, at least temporarily, by ingesting energy from our environments. For any system to remain vibrant, it must constantly renew itself in a constantly changing universe. But such renewal can occur only by the system undergoing change, moving in the direction of a more orderly condition. Such demands run counter to institutional demands for stability, security, and equilibrium.


A raw egg exemplifies the asymmetry of time: a fresh one breaks easily, but a broken one does not spontaneously put itself together again, for the simple reason that there are more ways to be broken than not. In physics jargon, the broken egg has a higher entropy.

Hahaha - you're so funny, mountain!

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