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I have been seriously considering doing the same thing (accelerated LLB program) and then coming back to the US for an LLM (or potentially staying in the UK). I was curious to see what you ended up doing? Or what conclusions you came to in your research.

Here is what I found
1. Work Permits are probably the biggest obstacle in securing a training contract
2. From my research only NY and CA bars will accept people without JDs (if you have at least 3 years of studying law). - So an LLM would be al most necessary if you do the 2 year program.
3. Law firms are less likely to offer you a training contract (need at least 2 years to complete become a solicitor) if you are an international student - given the unnecesary work of filing for a worker's permit.
4. If you are not at the top of your class (2:1) and you are not an EU citizen you are screwed 

With that being said I am still considering the option.

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