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Incoming 1Ls / First Year Law Classes
« on: June 30, 2009, 12:03:41 PM »
Generally speaking, what are the typical 1L classes? Do you get to pick whatever classes you want to take, or is there a general subject path you have to take?

Incoming 1Ls / Summer Courses After The First Year of Law School
« on: June 09, 2009, 08:17:54 PM »
I will be starting my first year of law school this coming Fall 2009. I was just wondering if it is mandatory to take summer courses the summer after your first year. If not, would you recommend taking summer courses in between your first and second years of law school? Thanks in advance for your input!

Well I live in Orlando, but I am originally from south Florida. So I pretty much know how everything is down there. I have been accepted to FAMU and Barry also, but I'm pretty much set on going to school in south Florida. I have applied to FIU, and I'm just waiting for their decision. If I do get accepted to FIU, I am going to go there for sure.

No, I don't speak spanish. But I do know that I pretty much have to learn spanish in order to even consider practicing law in south Florida.

I have been accepted to several law schools in Florida, and I am looking to get some input regarding Nova Southeastern and St.Thomas University. Which law program would you say has a better reputation or a better law program overall? Your helpful and constructive input would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hey Ninja fellow, are you from Florida? If you are familair with Coral Gables can you explain a little bit about the area (quality of life, transportation, safety etc) Also, how does Orlando compare to a city life NYC or LA (If you've been to these places). I know that it is a big city but have no idea what it's like down there.

Coral Gables is a short distance away from the actual city of Miami. Although Coral Cables may not be as hectic as Miami, you should still expect to encounter a ridiculous amount of traffic on a daily basis. You should be ok safety wise, as long as you stay away from certain surrounding areas.

Honestly, you can't compare Orlando to NYC or LA. Orlando is not that big of a city. Orlando just has a bunch of attractions, theme parks, and tourists. But the actual law schools are located about 20 minutes away from all of the tourist spots. Hope this helps!

Also, what about the area of the law school?  Is it in a nasty area of Orlando?  What's nearby?
Ugh! Where is that Ninja fellow when you need him???

Barry is located in east Orlando about 15 minutes from the University of Central Florida. Barry is located on one of the busiest streets in the area, so be prepared to deal with traffic on a daily basis. Everything including restaurants, malls, bars/clubs, etc. is available within the area. Barry isn't in a nasty area of Orlando. Hope this helps!

wow, I honestly thought that your GPA or LSAT must have been a lot lower. I can't believe they didn't accept you. Have you applied to any other law schools?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Nova or Stetson????
« on: May 05, 2009, 11:54:22 PM »
Have you already been accepted to both?

Stetson usually gives money out when your LSAT is 160+.

I live and work in the legal field in Tampa and I can honestly say I know of no attorneys that attended Nova.  It is like a Stetson alumni meeting where I work.  They are also nationally recognized for their Mock Trial team.  And I've heard from an Emory law grad that competing on Stetson's Mock Trial team makes you golden. (Exaggeration I am sure)

Frankly, Stetson just has the better name recognition.  Especially in the Tampa/St. Pete area which I consider SoFla...

Tampa and Saint Pete certainly are not considered south Florida. The most northern point that is still considered south Florida is Palm beach county. Tampa is more west central Florida.

Of course Stetson has more recognition in the Tampa/St. Pete area. The Tampa/St. Pete area is a very small area in comparison to the south Florida Tri-County area. Stetson is in a limited area, so it is common sense that the majority of the lawyers in that one particular area are either from Stetson or know of Stetson. I know that Stetson is known for their mock trial team, but that would only concern you if you are planning to be on the trial team. FYI being on the mock trial team takes up a huge amount of your time.

They are both pretty much on the "same playing field." If housing would be cheaper for you in south Florida, then I say go for it! Both schools are private and have very high tuitions. Saving money on housing would be a big help.

Finally, Nova is practically in between Broward and Dade county. Being in between the two "big" counties would have a lot more internship/employment opportunities than the Tampa area.

Just my two cents! ;D

If it's ok, may I please ask what GPA/LSAT score is?

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