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I would be too.
NYC = Scary for farm boys.

NYC isn't scary!  It's arguably the best part about NYU.  I <3 NYC -- always have, always will ;D

I didn't say scary for peeps that grew up in metropolitan coastal areas.
I said scary for farm boys.

NYC is great.  Plus, they are supposed to be one of the greenest cities.  Some parts of course, sucha s Harlem, aren't places to hang out in alone, but overall it is a good place.

Morning all!

I really hate the annoying ads on the sidebar.  Plus, isn't anyone else at all bothered that fraudulent practices are being advertised on a law site?  ::)

what fruad practices? I keep getting the aid for concealed wepons training classes for some reason

I get the "$4,800 a month part-time job", which requires you to spam millions of mailboxes, often in violation of state and federal laws.

Damn, the job earns more than I did work full-time.  Sounds so tempting since one of my jobs leads is in limbo.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: September 2009 LSAT anyone?
« on: June 23, 2009, 04:37:37 PM »
I am taking it too.  Trying to get prepped.  What are you guys doing to study?

Yeah, you can.  Just watch those APRs!

Omg, I hate that new Dell commercial with the whistling noises. 

You have to consider the possibility that PJC's definition of "good" or "fairly decent" might not align with the rest of the population.

Very true.  Last Tuesday I had three meals - all gas station hot dogs.

Hahaha.  sounds like my bf's diet.  He loves junk food. 

The only stalking is the stuff that FB themselves pull.  It is so crazy how they use your info.

Where do you live?

The ones here just have a bunch of pre-packaged nasty stuff.  I saw some stations in NY that had good stuff before.

oh good, so you're moving out of your parents house?  I'm sure you'll be much happier

Oh yes.  I love them, but they drive me crazy!

Sort of.  I am on the waiting list for some nice apts close to the school for low income people (like students).  So, I've been getting busy by lightening up on my possessions and finally got some decent-paying work.  So, I can hardly wait!  Everyone tells me it will be well worth it.  I am so excited for it!

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