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Incoming 1Ls / Re: Planet Law School II
« on: April 17, 2009, 08:03:15 AM »
Getting to Maybe is the only good one.  Its easy to understand and offers real advice that you can implement.  There is no BS color coding schemes or cheap tricks that people think work.  It explains what profs look for in exams and in class...It explains why the "tricks" recommended in other books cannot possibly get you an 'A'.   I now know what I am studying for in law school.  The other guides are crap.

I read Getting to Maybe and it was great.  Very insightful and taught me what to study for in exams.  I am sure to read it again before exams start.  I skimmed the other two big intro books at the bookstore and they seemed to lack insight.  I admit to liking reading and to reading a lot...

Incoming 1Ls / Re: What kind of notebook should I buy?
« on: April 11, 2009, 09:22:29 AM »
Dell's start at $449 for one appropriate to school.  A loaded one will be like $700. 
I am buying a dell and they have good quality laptops for cheap. 
My last two comps were dell and they both still work, but are just kinda weak. 
Online ordering has free shipping..

Incoming 1Ls / Re: PREPPING FOR 1L -- HELP
« on: April 11, 2009, 09:17:00 AM »
Read getting to maybe.  The others I skimmed and they were not helpful and in places, misleading.  Getting to maybe was helpful in pointing out what to expect on exams and in classes.  It was great and it was not "confusing" at all!  Lucid and direct!

Hmmm, San Diego resident here.  Cal West is competitive.  The San Diego legal market is flooded with lawyers.  I know two recent grads of Cal West who were on law reivew and are looking for work.   

Whittier will have the problem of being 10 miles from the first wave of grads from UCI.  That is going to hurt.  People dont transfer from Whittier and Cal West to UCLA.  Never.

Be happy with the school you choose and be honest with yourself about your prospects.

One down side to La Verne.. Prob 50% of those students in the incoming class wont pass the bar on the first shot.  Finding study partners in the first year will be difficult.  Be picky....

I wont go into details.  Whats important, is that it's a degree from an ABA approved school.  Making law review is essential to maintaining my scholarship, but its essential anyway.  There are 3Ls there that have been published in other law journals.  Plus they will coddle their law review students and try to get them the best jobs.  With little debt... the DA/PD office in LA starts at 70k a year.  65k for inland empire.  Why not?  F**k McGeorge, it wont get you any futher here.

I have the same issue coming up for me.  I want to work in the local DA/Defenders office and go into crim law.  La Verne grads are in the L.A. DA/defenders office as well.  And that was before they were a.b.a. approved.  I likewise have a big scholarship offer from La Verne think it's the best avenue for me.  They also have a mentoring program that I want to take advantage of.  They place you with working graduates as mentors.  Plus graduating with little debt sounds great.  I just plan to work really hard to maintain my scholarship.  Its a small school so I am also looking forward to the personal attention.

There are people that have over 1000 posts on this site.  Get a life!

The same "big law" snobs say the same thing about all "4th tier" schools...  horrible attrition rates.  Sure.  You accept people who might or might not make it... some of them, ob course, fail out.  You get their money, you build your school... get over it.

Also, you get no job.  Bulls**t.  You have to work hard at these schools (like any school).  Pass the bar... make law review if you can.  Jobs are available.  They wont be "big law" jobs paying 125k a year so it would be smart not to run up a huge tab attending....

But... to add to the topic: I am thinking of attending TJ.  I have not received word of $$ yet, so I dont know.  Their new building will be open in 2010 which is exciting.  Big library.  Some great profs. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: LaVerne
« on: March 29, 2009, 12:56:05 PM »
I am thinking of going there in the fall.  I was there during their preview day.  I have been accepted and they gave me a lot of money.  Unless another school I applied to comes close....
I am sure there will be a lot of independent studying going on there.  A good portion of the entering class will not pass the bar on the first try.  There will be a lot of attention given to those whom make law review.  Multiple 3Ls they had representing the school on preview day were published in law journals.  You can excel there and find work.  Obviously "big law" will not look at your app. when you graduate, but people graduating who pass the bar have found work at respectable firms. 
They have a great mentoring program.  You are patched up with one person each year that graduated from La Verne.  Multiple opportunities to get connected to people on the outside. 
Their new found A.B.A. approval is opening doors too.  The campus is incorporated into one building which is kinda lame, but there is a great public library next door (you can interlibrary loan from any public university campus in california) and a redevelopment project in Ontario in which La Verne is one of the center pieces.
But I am kinda biased.  I am looking forward to graduating with almost no debt and a degree, and an open door to the revolving door at the public defender's office/DA's office in Los Angeles that La Verne has contacts into.  Plus, L.A. is where a lot of law jobs are..
Also, I would ignore the "big law" snobs who might bash La Verne without offering any insight.  Just be realistic with your goals and know that you have to work hard to make the curve in classes.  You wont be making $125k a year out of school, but who really does?

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