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Financial Aid / Will they offer me $$$?
« on: March 13, 2009, 07:03:56 PM »
I'm from Detroit (I know, I know - you're jealous)....

I plan to attend Wayne State Law in the fall if accepted - in fact, it is the only law school I'm going to apply to.

3.4 from the University of Michigan with B.A.s in both English and Philosophy -class of '02, 166 on the February LSAT.

Had a ~3.6 until I suffered severe emotional turmoil in the final semester of my senior year - actually failed a course that I had to retake in the summer to fulfill the English degree requirements.

I have no softs and - to be totally honest - haven't done much of anything ever since graduation. Trying to get my life back on track now and am hoping law school will help me do that.

My family is well to do and from the Detroit area, so I plan to go to Wayne regardless - but because of my LSAT score I'm now getting bombarded with emails about waiving application fees and potential scholarships.

Do you think Wayne might offer me some money? Or how would I go about pursuing some?

They did waive my application fee and extend the application deadline to the end of the month, so I think that is a favorable sign...

Many thanks in advance...

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