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I work 9-5 in a non-law related field.  I got my BS degree 9 years ago.  I have a very demanding family.  I cook, clean and do all other family stuff.  I usually get very tired by the time I am ready to sleep.  Anyhow, I began wanting to pursue a career in law about 5 years ago.  After putting it off for a long time, I finally took my LSATs last year with a hope that somehow I would find a way to attend a law school before it got too late.  I applied part time to few schools around the area.  I tried not to get my hopes too high as I was unsure whether I would be accepted.  Anyhow, the time has come.  I am accepted.  But I am afraid whether I can pull off 4 years of law school.

I would like to hear some experiences for those who went to Law School.  Was it manageable?  How many classes were you taking?  I also read about 2L internships being very important for law students.  What about for non trads like us who won't have the time for internships?  Would we have hard time transitioning to become an attorney once we graduate?  Can we participate in OCI? 

Any input is greatly appreciated. 

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