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There was far more WL movement this year than in past years, this includes some of the better schools.  Do believe the upcoming cycle will show more applicants willing to attend.  I think more applied this year, but less were willing to go into school and debt with uncertain job prospects.  Many probably waited to see what happens to the legal industry over the next year. 

But, I think it really depends on geographic location where you apply.  For example, I know for a fact there was a huge rise in applicants in Boston & NYC b/c of the legal and financial industries woes.  Several admission offices told me just that, but they were not certain a high percentage had a great application package and seemed like they were reaching in terms of reasons attending school.  (Yes, some in the financial world applied to law as hard as that may seem to believe for some on here.)

In DC the applicantion numbers included a typical bump as seen in past years and not a huge jump that one might expect. 

My takeaway from the conversations I had with admission offices - make sure you application package (esp personal statement) make it crystal clear why law school is right for you and why you are attending.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Maryland or Catholic?
« on: June 18, 2009, 04:39:54 AM »
Having lived in DC for over 4 years, I know full well what the legal market is here.  The issue is that I'd have to wait a year for MD (job transfer) and since I'm already in my late 20's, I'd like to get on w/ my life.  Plus, there is no guarantee I'd get a job transfer, so there is a good chance I'd have to take a job that pays less in Baltimore.  Finally, my network in DC is real strong and being here would help me network and land internships to beef up my resume.

MD places nearly all grads in MD as one might expect and I don't get the sense MD rep in DC is so strong that if I put my resume in front people with MD on the resume instead of Catholic, that it has a wow factor that will get people's attention. 

I understand the debt issue, which is one reason why MD is preferred. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UConn ($) or Maryland
« on: June 14, 2009, 06:15:34 PM »
You go that right - B'more isn't hte best city.  There are some nice parts to it.  But since it's smaller than big cities, the tough parts are closer to or next to the nice parts.

Where do you want to live?  Have you thought about deferring a year, then reapplying to schools where you want to live? 

It's always easiest to get jobs in the location you are going to school, save the top schools. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UConn ($) or Maryland
« on: June 10, 2009, 06:20:20 PM »
What is Maryland's rep? Though ranked in the low 40's, they don't seem to get much attention nor do the grads seem to get far in DC when compares to all schools in DC (AU, Catholic, G'town, GW).  Of course the last 2 are far better, but still...I'd think they'd do much better.

Choosing the Right Law School / Maryland or Catholic?
« on: June 08, 2009, 10:40:06 AM »
Live in DC and prefer to return to DC to practice or perhaps head back up the coast to the northeast.

Both P/T and tuition cheaper at MD; of course I'm extremely aware of cost. That said - after schollie and employer contribution, tuition at CUA only a few grand more.  Schollie, is small and top 25% to retain. 

On paper MD is the better school, but seems like CUA is better to have if I wan to stay in DC. I would be able to network where I live, whereas with MD in Baltimore, could be harder to forge the network in DC where there are far more CUA grads. 

Agree or disagree?  Opinions?

Umm, if it's been less than month, don't call.  If it's been at least a month you should send a letter updating you recent accomplishments.  Do not call or write unless you have something of value to add. 

What you should do is call requesting to talk to someone about the WL process at the schools.  Be sure to get someone who is in the decision making process.  Ask how they use the WL.  These may seem like "dumb" questions, but every school does it differently.  Ask if it's ranked; ask how quickly they go to the waitlist and so forth.

While on the phone reiterate your desire to attend and WHY.  Too many applicants say they want to attend, but the why needs to tie back to your application and personal statement.

As you said, it's late to do so, but this year WL movement has been a lot for many schools.

Hope this helps.

Most schools say don't bother them, but I submitted not only a letter detailing my continued interest, but each month an update on recent activities/accomplishments. What they don't want is someone to show up for a tour and talk and talk about him or herself.  What you can do is take a self guided tour, then turn around saying you visited the school, and if you have already visited, that you visited again, and it just reaffirmed your desire to attend. 

Actually, I did not have alum connections at either school.  For one I visited personally and kept in touch.  FOr the other I had conversation over the phone.  What you can do to get a meeting is ask to speak w/ admissions person (again, a decision maker) to discuss the WL process.  Ask how they handle the waitlist, do they rank it and so forht.  During that conversation you can talk to your desire to attend. 

Each month my updates varied from continued success at work w/ expectation of a promotion as told to me by superiors; additional community service that provided me leadership opportunities.  They all tied back to my personal statement and application platform.  Many times people get off a WL and cannot attend or withdraw interest.  Stay the course, keep updating and showing you are on an upward projection.

By having a meeting or a call with someone in decision making process, you've est a connection, someone you can continually update and add your letters to the file. 

I'm also a P/T applicant, so that's slighlty different I bet, however, one of the schools I got in is a top 50.  My numbers: 2.9/159. Clearly short of typical numbers they expect. But I have 4-5 years of strong work experience and both rec's were v. strong. It was my resume/personal statement that kept me from getting rejected.  That was made clear to me by both schools.

In both cases, believe it was my ability to show upward trajectory, keeping consistent/monthly comms w/ the person in the admissions office and just restating that I'd go that got me accepted. 

Again, it's quality not quantity.  A letter restating previous information does nothing, you have show that you are not complacent and continually pushing yourself.

What are your other options?  If you don't get in at Nova, inquire about what if you reapply next year...would tha tincrease your odds?  Do NOT do this until they have sent you a letter that the WL process is closed.  Otherwise you'd give them the opp to keep from admitting you this year.   

Hope this helps.

What type of work experience?  Non traditional applicant?  

Regardless, having alum support helps at most schools, but not all.  What you should do, if you haven't already, is meet with admissions, not needs to be someone who is on the decision making process.  Clearly state you will definitely attend if admitted.  Follow up with formal stating that as well and it should also include recent accomplishments or updates relevant to your case since your app was filed.  Specifically, any awards, leadership roles you have assumed and so forth.  

This should have been done immediately following the decision, but regardless do it asap if you haven't already.  Finally, scour alum connections to get more letters, however, it's important each letter adds value and are not just run of the mill type letter.

Finally, I've gotten off 3 waitlists at schools this year. 2 of which, that by the numbers I should not have been admitted.  Waitlist movement this year is far more than past years, but you cannot really compare year to year for most schools.  Especially now, since the environment has changed so much.  

Good luck!

Thank you!

Why am I not surprised by that?  Of course what are your data points/sources or is it just "general knowledge"?

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