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If you are taking it a second time then your time would be better spent focusing on the weak area and study that.  Quite honestly, if you cannot pass the LSAT then you will most likely struggle in law school.  Not being mean but the same skill set that the LSAT test is the skill set that it takes to understand how to interpret what is being taught. 

Job Search / T4 with intern
« on: April 25, 2010, 10:07:05 PM »
According to the posts on this board I must be an exception to the norm.  I do go to a T4 school.  I found an intern at an Estate Planning firm.  I have turned down one job offer and will have to turn down one more since I will take the Estate Planning job.  However, my networking skills are very mature.  Unfortunately, not many in the top 10 at my school have this ability.  Could this be the reason they are unemployeed at the moment??

Canadian Law Students / Re: Is mid-40s too old for UBC Law?
« on: October 09, 2009, 07:22:01 PM »
You should GO FOR IT!!! When you do get into law school you will realize that there are several law students your age and some will be older.  If you crunch the numbers, most law school's average age of students is 27ish.  That means that there is a healthy supply of older students to balance out the traditional (early 20's).  I am 33 and just started law school.  My class is about 70% younger than me and roughly 30% around my age or older.  When you get in you will find that law school is about people who have a passion to be an attorney.  This passion is not discriminant of age. Although, specifically I cannot speak for the populous of UBC. Notwithstanding this you should follow your dream.  To answer your question more direct, NO mid-40's is not too old.  It is just right.  Imagine the substance that YOU bring to class.  Strike whilst the iron is hot!!!

Current Law Students / LRW-Is this a real threat?
« on: October 09, 2009, 05:38:34 PM »
Maybe I am prone to anxiety but LRW is really producing a little sweat on the brow right about now.  Something to worry about?  Am I the only one that is prematurely worried right now on this?

Job Search / Attention T 4 Graduates
« on: October 09, 2009, 06:19:35 AM »
If you are still lurking this board, what do I have to look for as far as job search is concerned?  This question is only for T 4's since they will closely relate to my soon to be experience.  So is it really that daunting finding employment?  What are you struggles so far, e.g. the T 4 status IS REAL?  Thanks for the honesty in advance.

Black Law Students / When to start LEEWS
« on: July 19, 2009, 10:10:30 AM »
I have the LEEWS material but am not sure if the material is to be used in conjuction with my semester in law school or is it used before law school?  Has anyone had any experience with this?  Do I need to wait until the semester starts or do I need to be digging into in now?

Incoming 1Ls / The Official " I going to Law School T-4 Style" thread
« on: June 14, 2009, 05:53:02 AM »
OCU Baby!!!! YEAH!!!! (Thats in Oklahoma, by the way).


Thanks to all of you for your honest and mature responses...


Your post really put it in perspective. 

Are there an underlying anxiety that is associated with attending a predominately white institution with the student and staff majority white?

 ***DISCLAIMER: This is not to be misconstrued, offensive, derogatory, or racist in any way.  If you do reel that this is in any way offensive, derogatory, or racist then you may want to ask yourself why YOU interpret this question in that way.***

It is actually a real concern that some minorities do not either recognize or gets misdiagnosed (whether merely dismissed as a more familiar symptom of general anxiety caused by other random things).  Regardless, those who do acknowledge, yet maybe not a readily explanation for these feelings, this post is for you (and I to an extent).  Do you have any anxiety whatsoever about this? 


Anyone who takes on law school should indeed think about the debt they will incur.  Especially in the weakened economy.  However, to answer your question, I have made a career change from being in the military to now just working.  Going to law school has always been my goal.  As to the debt issue, I live in a state that has programs such as the Hazlewood Act, which pays for 150 hours of college to veterans of Texas.  So my education would be paid for in its entirety.  Secondly, yes I would not mind working in a small law firm.  The money is not my motivator as I am sure that my selection of school, (or the school that selects me), will not put me in position to compete for BigLaw.  To be honest I would not mind working for the government again.  I do thank you for your concerns though.

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