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Current Law Students / Re: HELP!!! Evidence question...
« on: February 16, 2005, 11:12:05 AM »
Just to add to rapunzel, it does not matter if the judge says "motion denied because the sky is orange". You still sit down and rework your case.  Sure you hit the judge with bias (the rule # escapes me for that right now, I think it is 600 something or other). But let your appeal take care of that.  Alternative arguments work, just make sure you can tell when the Judge has had enough.  Sometimes you have to work to get your evidence in.

Main point= No argue with the Judge, no matter how wrong they are.

Current Law Students / Re: HELP!!! Evidence question...
« on: February 15, 2005, 04:45:35 PM »
You sit your ass down and rework your case accordingly.  You have you record for an appeal, which only matters if the case was decided on this particular "hearsay" let in.  Unless of course you are stupid enough to argue with the Judge..... ;)

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Any shot for GMU?
« on: March 10, 2005, 05:46:40 PM »
Based on some friends of mine that got rejected PT, your chances are not that good, but no news is good news (meaning you weren't an auto reject), so just hold out, they are looking at your application at least.  Law School is all about luck anyway, at least for me it is, so just wait till you hear.  You should be a shoe in for American PT and Catholic PT.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Why is everyone's GPA so high?
« on: February 25, 2005, 09:18:23 PM »
I think the reason everyone's GPA on this board is so high is the same reason everyone on this board is blond haired, blue eyed, 18o LSAT, yatta yatta yatta, catching my drift.  While there are probably people on this board telling the truth, I am sure there are just as many that are lying.

So.....just be confident with you abilities, don't worry about gpa and all that BS, b/c I promise you (as a 2L) the second you walk in those doors your LSAT and GPA are out the window, and it is your brain, time managment, and A LOT OF LUCK coming into play

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Utah or BYU
« on: February 22, 2005, 12:04:29 PM »
I agree with Byronic.  I was surprised to see them slipping, but once I got there I knew why.  The students are also very aware of it.  As soon as they found out I went to GMU they got really annoyed and started telling me how they are a better school than GMU and the rankings are wrongs.  I personally don't care much for ranking, but they made such a deal over it.  I would stick with a solid school with a national reputation, considering the state of the economy in Utah, you will probably want to work out of state.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: GMU's self imposed deadline
« on: August 03, 2004, 05:09:53 PM »
Let me know if you get into GMU, as a consolation prize for having to deal with the waitlist I will give you all my 1L books and study aids to use for the year free of charge. The only one that might be different is contracts (the book sucked last year b/c it fell apart) and econ b/c the teacher is different. Other than that though the books are the same and the study aids I have a great both in condition and content.  If you are interested you can contact me at  I have been reading about your plight on the waitlist and figure the least you deserve is to save about 600 in books and study aids!


Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Georgetown Waitlist
« on: June 15, 2004, 03:30:23 PM »
I am not sure what he is, I assume it was an email from how this board says GULC communicates.....not too sure, he was just very excited.......if I find anything else out I wil post...or better yet I will let him know about this board

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Georgetown Waitlist
« on: June 15, 2004, 03:23:37 PM »
Not to make any waves or anything, b/c I am sure the WL is a personal hell for many, BUT I have a good friend who just informed me today he got in off the GULC WL. His LSAT was a 171 and I am not sure about his GPA but I am pretty sure it was good (prob like a 3.3 or 3.4) Anyways, I called his BS, but then he read the letter to me.....and this guy is not one to take that for what it's worth.  Wish you all the best of luck!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: GMU Scholarships
« on: May 01, 2004, 06:53:09 AM »
Most people, if they get anything at all, get half. GMU does not have as much going on in the money area as most schools, but every year it gets better and they are able to offer more money. Also, there are a lot of factors that go into getting money, so if you have really good numbers you still might not get anything. There is a lot more money available after the first year and during the 1L summer if you have an unpaid job. So all hope is not lost :)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Going to GMU =)
« on: April 29, 2004, 10:00:18 AM »
Yes, there is GIRL on this board that currently attends GMUSL. :) SHE has lots of info on the first year day profs. :)

GMUSL is a very highly respected school in this area and it is quickly gaining a national one.  We are the fastest and youngest rising school in the first tier. The undergrad at GMU does suck, but GMUSL usually does not take them. I think we had one in our class and she dropped out.  I love this school and I promise you will too! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

I am in the middle of finals so I might be slow w/ a response!


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