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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UNLV vs Rutgers-Camden vs LSU?
« on: June 01, 2009, 08:17:20 PM »
So to circle back around to everyone and put closure on this discussion....

After visiting both Rutgers-Camden and UNLV, UNLV came out on top. I mean, the biggest drawback was the fear that I might like living out there too much to want to move back east!  So my seat deposit was submitted to UNLV...

...and then I withdrew the seat deposit when I was accepted to Temple! (UNLV really is wonderful, they were great and agreed not to deposit my check).  So in the end, I'm starting at Temple Univ Beasley School of Law in August. Funny how things work out!

Awesome!  Congrats on your decision, its funny I got into Temple, and waitlisted at UNLV, and UNLV was one of my top choices.  I am going to withdraw from Temple next week (to attend Rutgers-Newark), and you just accepted your seat.  Hopefully I'll have the good fortune to get on through the waitlist, but I'm OK either way.  Good luck on everything!

Hello LSD'ers,

I need some input from you guys.  I need to make a decision by June 1st between Chicago Kent and Rutgers (both PT evening programs).  I am a little torn, because there are high points between both schools that I like, and I just want to make sure I am making the most informed decision possible. 

With Chicago-Kent some of the high-points are:

 - Chicago location (I really like Chicago especially since this decision will require me to move from Southern California),
 - The people (the midwest hospitality really appeals to me)
 - Ranking (it seems that Kent is known for IP, legal writing, and has an overall higher ranking),
 - Chicago is much closer to California than Newark.

With Rutgers some of the high points are:

 - In-state tuition offer (Rutgers is offering me instant in-state residency which would drop my annual tuition to $17,000, about $10,000 less than Chicago-Kent),
 - Career services department and employment prospects (Rutgers has great placement percentages for NLJ 250 firms and judicial clerkships)
 - Better network after graduation: my uncle is a Rutgers Alum and now has had his own practice for about 20 years, my cousin is a 2L at Seton Hall and will graduate next year.

There's other factors that I am mulling over, but the ones I outlined are pretty much the main ones that are affecting my final decision.  I guess the main question is do I sacrifice financial independence (after graduation) for a location and market that appeals to me?  Or is it dumb to pass up free money and a great employment network to go to a fairly comparable school?  Your thoughts...

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Brooklyn vs Rutgers-Newark ($$)
« on: May 06, 2009, 01:11:32 AM »
Rutgers-N, hands down. The schools place about the same in New York, and the New Jersey job market isn't bad either, where the only competition is Seton Hall, and it appears to me that NJ market prefers Rutgers over SH, albeit marginally. My opinion is generally that Rutgers is underrated and Brooklyn overrated.

NJ is also damn easy to get residency, so you're pretty much guaranteed instate tuition from what I understand. * I know realize you were already from NJ, but I am leaving this anecdote in for anyone else considering the same issue. NJ is supposedly instate-friendly.

Yes Rutgers does offer very lax requirements to acquire "in-state" residency status.  After speaking with a counselor, she informed me (I am currently a California resident) that I can get "in-state" status by providing proof of a 12-month lease in New Jersey.  This has placed Rutgers very high on my final decision in schools.  Currently debating over Rutgers and Chicago-Kent (and I am visiting Kent this week!).  Also, you would be saving some money in housing costs also (although this is mostly assumption, being that you're a New Jersey resident already, you probably have a better idea).

adding to lawdog's assessment of underrated tier 2 schools.  I was fortunate enough to get admitted into two schools on that list: Kent and Temple.  Frankly speaking, my goal is BigLaw prospects. Based on this factor which of the two would be a better choice?

Choosing the Right Law School / Rutgers-Newark Discussion
« on: March 23, 2009, 10:27:41 PM »
Hey Guys,

So great feedback from the all of you guys so far, and  I am really making some headway into making my final decision, BUT I found out today that Rutgers-Newark is offering NJ residency status immediately so long as proof of a 12-month lease agreement is provided to the school before July.  This significantly alters my decision making process because as a PT candidate my annual tuition would be roughly $13,900/annually (huge deal for me since I am paying for school myself).  As some of you know I am down to either Rutgers-Newark, Temple, USF, and Pacific McGeorge.  What are your thoughts the cheaper tuition for Rutgers-Newark?  Here is some background, currently from SoCal (would ideally want to stay in CA but willing to move as long as it makes sense), McGeorge offering some $$$ ($5000/year renewable 3.0 GPA), USF and Temple full part-time tuition price.  I am reluctant to pass on Temple because of their bar passage rates, and reputation in PA.  Reluctant to pass on USF because I have family & friends in the bay area and the location in California.  Your thoughts...

out of curiosity what made you rule out rutgers and pacific-mcgeorge?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: T4 transfer to T2/T1
« on: March 22, 2009, 05:44:59 PM »
I posted on your other thread, but knowing that you received a scholarship from Whittier, I would take the free money from Whittier over Cal Western.  Building on realism, law school is going to be a huge financial burden, and it seems that you have your mind set on transferring so why not save some money in the process and go with Whittier.  I have worked in a couple Costa Mesa firms, and if plans don't pan out Whittier can still get you some job prospects in or around orange county.  First hand, I have a cousin of mine that transferred from Whittier to U of Illinois.  Cal Western and Whittier are pretty much the same, the scholarship money would tip the scale to Whittier (for me at least).

thanks for the feedback guys.  Changed Name, I was offered a $5000 renewable scholarship, I am attending law school PT and cost of attendance for McGeorge is roughtly $23,000.  If you don't mind me asking what school do you currently attend?  I definitely agree with your opinions on moving, but like you I feel Temple is too good to pass up.  I plan on visiting Philly in a month to tour the campus and see the city.  Maybe then I can make a final assessment of where I want to be.  USF seems like a no brainer, but I'm concerned about their ranking falling this year.  Any thoughts on why USF dropped out of the Top 100?

I don't have my offer letter on hand but I am certain its 3.0 gpa or top 30% of the class.

I second Ninja1's comments.  Being an optimist I know your frame of mind in thinking of the potential to transfer out of a T4 school and into a T2/T1, but the reality of the matter is it is transfers are very hard to achieve.  If you have it set that transferring is your plan, I would advise to have a very well planned contingency plan because of the regional qualities affiliated with T4 JD's.  I would suggest planning for the worst and work towards the best possible scenario.  I have a very good friend who transferred from Pace (in NY) to UC Hastings, and is not online to land a big law job.  So there is hope, but with hope also come realism, and with a the legal field you must be a realist.

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