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I still in the midst of juggling PS topics. I was wondering if this was a  good start and/or topic for a *very rough* draft:

Only took me 40 seconds that time. For the 80th-or-so time, I timed myself to pass the time while I worked at my parent’s restaurant. As the only son of two Chinese immigrants, it was apparently my “duty” to work. Of course, alongside duty came obedience and loyalty to my family. I had become a follower in a web of values that included communalism, fealty, and a good education. As a result, I unquestioningly worked 13-hour-days along with my parents, with breaks to finish homework or watch TV when business was slow. School did not make me question my parent’s teachings until I got to high school years later.

Ultimately, I doing my childhood "values" of communalism, to individualism later on, then having a event to brought me to realize I needed to balance the two ideologies in my life.

Comments would be greatly appreciated.

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