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Law School Admissions / When will LSAC reports be processed?!
« on: January 02, 2009, 12:06:39 PM »
I got my December LSAT score 3 days ago, so LSAC has all my information now.  6 schools have requested my LSAC report but none have been "processed" -- which I guess means sent to those schools.  How long does this process usually take?  I'd like my schools to get my report ASAP...

I think I used a header because that's how I was trained in grade school.  Hmm.  I just think name, etc. belongs up top.

I'm unsure of the proper procedure, but I titled mine "Personal Statement" because I got advice that creative titles were a bad idea.  I used a header to put my name and LSAC number up in the corner, and I had page numbers at the bottom.  I figured it looked pretty good.

I have been unable to find good resources online to help with crafting my Diversity Statement for Cornell and American.  Does anyone have advice on where to find help?  Would anyone be interested in swapping DS's?

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