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You can view contacts in this context as informative sources of real-life perspectives.  You'll want to ask these soon-to-be fellow colleagues how they rate successes and challenges in their particular field.   Feel free to ask them to share the outcome of a particularly complex scenario, as well as what they best learned from it.  This is a good thing to do at any stage of your legal education.

In truth, any meeting you request with a professional in an area of law practice in which you are interested is an important resource in your job search efforts.  The more informed choices you make with respect to employment will guide your curricular choices in the second and third years of law school.

If your meeting with a contact doesn't yield an expected job offer, it's still a valuable source of information for you.  It also allows you to polish your networking skills and learn what these professionals believe are the trends, practice areas, and locations for jobs.

As an Admissions Consultant with a background in career services, I am happy to answer other questions you have about the 1L job search process.


thomas grexa phillips/Veritas Prep Admissions Consultant/

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