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Brigham Young / Re: BYU Law for non-LDS
« on: October 15, 2008, 04:47:10 PM »
Hey I just wanted to put a quick reply to PinkIvy.  I am a 1L at BYU Law.  You should definitely come!  For sure at least  consider it strongly.  I am LDS, but I grew up and went to school mostly outside of the US, in places where I was one of only a few LDS kids, at International Schools with a lot of diversity.  I was hesitant about BYU because I had the perception that it had a lack of diversity, and diversity is very important to me, especially in my education.  Long story short, I love it here.  There is much more diversity than I anticipated, and it is a very welcoming, open atmosphere.  Especially if you are married, there is not a better place to go to law school, as it is an environment that definitely caters well to married couples and families.  Also, whether LDS or not, there is not a better deal financially in legal education.  The tuition is extremely low (comparatively), and cost of living is also.  The professors are excellent, the education is very high quality, and the network is nationally and internationally strong, and seriously rivals any other school in the country.  Not to be over positive, law school is brutal, its hard, and confusing, but I have absolutely no regrets about coming here, and would recommend it to anyone, of any faith.  Great price, great education, great network.  Provo is not a crazy city, but its not farmland either, there is enough to do to entertain during the little time for entertainment you have in law school.  Anyways, I'll stop rambling, but I'm glad you're considering it, and hope you come!

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