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Job Search / What is the 2L Timeline?
« on: June 05, 2010, 02:07:43 PM »
For the 1L year there's this nice timeline telling you when to apply with who and how....but what about 2L year?
Should we start now? I know OCI's are in August but what about the other opportunities: the firms that dont come to your campus, the clerkships, the internships? Is there a good time to apply to these? 8)

what if this was it...
what if this was your second lsat and you did worse than your 1st lsat

i dont know what to do...

i dont understand why it happened...i dont know what else i could do
what other class i could take or how many more hours i can spend...

all the letters of rec are in ..most of the apps are sent

at the lsac forum all the school recruiters said if you are going to take it again you best get a better score..
so now what?


what about essays?

if they look at last years LORs, im sure they will look at last years essay...

do you think they want to hear something different about you?
if so, do they want to hear more about you (likes/dislikes/strengths/weaknesses),
another college course or teacher or event that inspired you,
or do they want to hear about what you've done in the past year...

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