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I just hope its generous....I'm not even being greedy. The way that test went, I'm just hoping to break 160  :(

I feel exactly the same way. Funny, I was aiming for 170+, but now I'm just aiming for a decent score that will get me into slightly above average schools  :-[

Regardless, I hope the scale is that generous, but I doubt it.

I was pretty worried when I sent my transcripts in since at my school, like many in Canada, an 80% is an A (which would be a 4.0) but for LSDAS an 80 is like a 2.7 I think haha...

However my transcript had both letter grades and percentages listed, and LSAC converted from the letters in that case (ex., for a class I got a 85/A in, LSAC counted it as a 4). I've got mostly 80's/A's and ended up with a 3.78, so it worked out fine.

Just thought I'd share in case anyone else is in a similar situation  ;D

Canadian Law Students / Re: Joint LLB/JD through Osgoode/NYU
« on: October 04, 2008, 01:17:21 PM »
I'm also considering this program, however the problem is that to get in you essentially have to be accepted to both NYU and Oz individually, and NYU's median LSAT is pretty high (170+ I believe).

I wish there was a bit more info out there about the program, though...there's very little mentioned of it on either school's website...

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