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Incoming 1Ls / Re: The Official I'm Going to X School Thread
« on: July 01, 2009, 12:19:51 PM »
University of Maryland!

I have visited CUA, but haven't had a chance to visit UMD yet...

COST-WISE: I am a Maryland resident, and originally thought that UMD would be the more cost-efficient choice also, but CUA is offering me $11,000/year renewable scholarship, which ends up making it the cheaper option of the two...

If it was based on $$ alone, CUA would win. 

You should definitely disclose, even if your record has been expunged. Eventually when you go to take the Bar, you will go thru a super-extensive application that will require you to disclose ANY arrests, convictions, etc., and the Bar is considered a law enforcement agency, which means they have access to EVERYTHING - whether expunged, sealed or open...

As long as you own up to your 'mistake', show (thru examples) that you have devoted yourself to beneficial activities since then, and don't try to make excuses, you should be fine. The most common infractions seen on law school apps are: DUIs, underage poss. of alcohol, poss. of marijuana and disturbing the peace/noise violations. 2 counts of paraphernalia are REALLY not a big deal and aren't going to keep you out of law school.

Final Note: Look at some of the U.S. Presidents: Clinton has admitted to smoking pot (although "without" inhaling), G.W. Bush has admittedly smoked pot AND done his fair share of cocaine, and Obama also admits that he's smoked pot (AND admits to inhaling, because as he put it, isn't that the point?  ;D). Just be honest and tell-all now to avoid questions of sneakiness/dishonesty 3 years from now!

Maryland is ranked higher, but I prefer Washington DC over Baltimore... anyone have advice?!?

Any thoughts??

Let me know if you will read!! I could barely find any info on this, so I have no idea if this will suffice.. :-[

1) Most of the personal statement prompts are similar (i.e. Give us information that hasn't been included somewhere else in your application to help with the admissions decision. You can talk about accomplishments, obstacles overcome, goals, etc.) For the most part, you can use the same PS and just tailor a section of it for whichever law school you are sending it to.

2) If you complete the 'Common Information' form on the LSAC site, it will speed up your application completion time ALOT!!! It asks for the standard information that every application asks for, and then when you open up a particular school's app, it will auto-complete that information. Each application takes me about 5-10 minutes because of it. But make sure to look over the info that was automatically entered, because some schools ask for a different format. (i.e. Some applications ask you to list jobs/schools attended in chronological order, whereas some ask you to list in reverse chronological....You don't want to appear as if you can't follow directions!)

Hope this helps!!!

Ok thanks... So what type of thing are they looking for in a Diversity Statement? ???

Law School Admissions / Re: Electronic App Question
« on: February 11, 2009, 04:10:30 PM »
Awesome, thanks! One last question....I've seen it can take over a week for LSAC to actually send my app to the schools... Since it's so close to the deadline, should I overnight everything via Fedex or UPS so that it will reach their office much quicker, and so there will definitely be time for them to request and receive my LSAC report and LORs before the deadline?

Law School Admissions / Electronic App Question
« on: February 10, 2009, 09:47:02 PM »
If I apply online via LSAC, do I have to attach the supp docs and submit electronically as well? Or can this be submitted subsequently? The school will just hold my file until everything is complete right? Also, will they request my LSDAS report as soon as the application is received? Or do they wait for everything else?  ???

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