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Financial Aid / Financial Aid after Bankruptcy - Fugghetaboutit?
« on: September 04, 2008, 01:26:15 PM »
I realize this may be a rather obvious question but having looked through the forum, I haven't spotted a post with this specific topic.

As you can guess I'm curious as to the feasibility/possibility of getting any kind of loans with a bankruptcy on my record (3 years ago).

1 - My impression is that private loans will be basically unavailable, given my recent credit history ( I do have a potential cosigner but she's carrying large amounts of student debt herself so I'm not sure this would be a viable option ).

2 - I'm told that obtaining some federal student loans and aid is a possibility.

Can anyone please confirm if the points above are generally correct?

On a side note...

Hypothetically speaking, if federal loans are available to me then would the loans be solely usable for tuition costs at my nominal school or could they also go towards living expenses in part?


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