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Thanks for all your help everybody! WUSTL gave me two days to decide, and they were an emotionally wrenching 48 hours. I ultimately decided on UW-Madison. I don't plan on working at a large law firm - more interested in government and policy. UW seems to really like that. Also, the rankings don't seem to matter as much of you're not intersted in large firms. Besides, when I compared job prospects outside and within the Midwest, WUSTL and UW were tied. Ditto with their median salaries, graduation rates, and "national" reputation. The rank seemed to offer little benefit, and I really like UW. So, UW it was. Thoughts?

I'll be more specific: I really liked the school, program, and atmosphere at Wisconsin, but I'm concerned that turning down a better-ranked school like WUSTL would be a bad mistake. In other words, the only reason I'd go to WUSTL is because of the rank (I'd be happy there too, though). Thoughts anyone?

I was going to Wisconsin, but just got accepted off the waitlist at WUSTL. What do I do???

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