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Job Search / Changing Fields After 2L Summer?
« on: June 04, 2008, 03:36:27 PM »
I wasn't sure if this should go in 3L or 2L, I'm a rising 3L...

I've been working at the same firm for over a year and have a contract with them to work there until May 2009.  While I originally enjoyed the work I am starting to think that this is not what I want to do.  The firm does entertainment work but I am thinking of moving into constitutional/1st Amendment or copyright/trademark work.  My questions are:
1) Does working in a specific field for so long limit me when other potential employers get my resume and see a ton of entertainment-related stuff?
2) When should I start looking into other firms and how do I go about it considering I have a contract with my current firm?
3) Should I try OCI even though I'm going into my 3L year already?

I have a 3.01 GPA, law review and worked two jobs through law school to pay my own way.  I have set up an informational interview with someone I know in constitutional/copyright law but he works at a big firm that's way out of my league.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks so much!  :)

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