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I graduated last year and work as a paralegal at a prestigious law firm (small, locally known, lots of media attention to cases i work on). My undergrad GPA, cumulative, was 2.8 (in both my majors it was well over 3.0 but i slacked off in some requirements)--so I'm not sure I could get great academic recommendations.

Everyone I work with, lawyers and other paralegals, has been supportive of my plans to go to law school in 2009 and encourages me when it comes up in conversation.

But 1) can i get more than one letter from this firm? and 2) should i ask for a letter from the very influential senior/founding partner, or from another partner, or from an associate, or from the brand-new associate for whom i am the sole paralegal? It's a small office and we all work together closely; I just don't know who would be able to help me out the most in terms of letter-writing for an already iffy application.


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