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Sounds like an awesome experience and I appreciate your contribution but I am referring to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock :-)  Thanks again though!

No, I am technically a Florida resident but living in Washington, DC for the summer as I am working for this partner as a consultant.  UALR's out of state tuition is very cheap and I believe I can then qualify for in-state status for the 2nd and 3rd year.  I have also been wait listed by Florida International University and accepted by Florida A&M University (not excited about that school).  I am not a minority, just looking for cheap tuition.  The reason why I am considering Arkansas over the other 2 schools in Florida is because everyone has heard of the University of Arkansas, regardless of it's ranking and what not.

I am planning to visit the school soon but airfare is crazy :-)

I am not worried about landing a job (how many students can say that I guess?) I have worked for the same partner at a Big Law firm here in Washington, DC for over 5 years, and she has pretty much guaranteed me a slot for the summers and when I graduate.  The hiring committee here also loves me, as well as the executive partners.

I am truly in a fortunate position and that is why I am not sweating about T14 schools (not like I can get in anyway).  I just want to go to a school that people have heard of, decent rep, NOT EXPENSIVE (hence, Arkansas) and enjoy the experience while learning as much as possible.

Oh yeah, I did not apply to any schools here in the DC area because I just wanted to leave for a few years.  I love the firm I work for but not too excited about this city.

Anyone know of any juicy info. at UALR?  It's one of my wait lists and although it's T3 I like the school.  DIRT CHEAP TOO.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / FIU or Arkansas?
« on: June 03, 2008, 08:53:12 AM »
Anyone else waitlisted here at Florida International University of University of Arkansas?

I would like to teach/consult con law someday and was wondering which schools, besides the obvious T-14 programs, might have a respectable program?  Thank you.

Hi All,

Ok, I have studied the LR Bible and LG Bible and found both to be pretty good.  In fact, my scores have gone up about 13 points since using the books (from a 147 to now a 160).  However, ONLY in the LR section, I cannot seem to get more than 18-20 right each time I take a practice run and get this, every question I get wrong, it's ALWAYS between 2 remaining answer choices and I ALWAYS pick the wrong one. 

I will give you an example:

On PrepTest 50 (Septmeber 2006), Section 4, #4, I had it down to answer choices D and E, I selected D, and the correct answer choice was E.

Same section, #8, I had it down to answer choices A and B, I selected A, and the correct answer choice was B.

I am almost tempted to go with whatever answer choice that contradicts my initial instinct but of course this wouldn't be too smart.

I am kicking-butt in the games (20-24 correct each time) and RC I am working on improving, but it's ok for now.  This LR section is driving me nuts and I feel I can get a great score if I could just pick the right answer choices out of the 2 remaining.  Some of these I've gone back and analyzed why I selected what I did and only on some of them I was able to figure it out.

Have any of you experienced the same thing?  ANY advice any of you could offer we be incredibly appreciated.  Thank you very much.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Complete T3 & T4 Rankings
« on: May 09, 2008, 02:28:19 PM »
What is the real difference between U. Arkansas (Fayetteville) and U. Arkansas (Little Rock)?

Studying for the LSAT / Why The Heck are the LR Questions So Hard?
« on: May 07, 2008, 01:23:51 PM »
Ok, I know the LR Section is half the test, but for some reason, I am having problems pinpointing the assumptions.  Especially in the Weaken section.  Anyone have any advice? Should I just shoot myself now?  ;-)

I kick butt in the games section and have been getting almost the entire section correct (at most, 2-3 wrong for the whole section) on practice runs.

It has REALLY been frustrating.  I am using the LR Bible and it's not as informative, in my own opinion, as the LG Bible.  Any tips/advice would be SOOOOO APPRECIATED!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Any Information on JAG Corps.?
« on: May 07, 2008, 11:53:17 AM »
Hehe, I am not a minority but the JAG AF clearly states that as long as you attend a law school that is defined by the US gov't as historically black or Hispanic, then you do qualify.  I'd post the link but I'm just too lazy.  But it would be nice to get a scholarship and then their bonus after serving 1st tour and resigning for a second (I think $60K)

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