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Nothing beats LSD .. the insight you gain during the introspection of just one trip is worth years of self-exploring and soul-searching. Law school and lawyering, with its snobism, pretentiousness and fake arrogance, will seem funny to you afterwards ..

The real reason LSD needs to be illegal is not because it makes a tiny percentage of its users crazy, but because of what it does to the vast majority ... LSD does not attract non-conformists so much as it is creates them. One can not, for example, after a serious immersion in LSD, go back to the 9-to-5 world of sales managers and upward mobility. Better to work for yourself, doing something simple and useful, which was why so many hippies became entrepreneurs, farmers, craftspeople. For most, the psychedelic experience dealt a serious blow to their desire for power, and all those buttresses to the power urge that go by the name ambition. The man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never be the same as the man who went out. He will be wiser but less cocksure, happier but less self satisfied, humbler in acknowledging his ignorance, yet better equipped to understand the relationship of words to things, of systematic reasoning to the unfathomable Mystery which it tries, forever vainly, to comprehend.

"Bad trips" on LSD result from the 11-hour forced introspection that the drug creates. Most cannot stand to look that closely at themselves, certainly not for that long. That's why Leary and company were getting complete cures of psychotics after five or six guided LSD trips, of course, before the government stepped in and outlawed the drug. Well, movie "The Passion of Christ," by Mel Gibson is like being on acid for two straight hours, only the subject isn't yourself, it is Jesus.

Dr. Timothy Leary, interviewed by Playboy, announced that LSD was the most powerful aphrodisiac ever discovered. "Let me put it this way," he said, "compared with sex under LSD, the way you have been making love -- no matter how ecstatic the pleasure you think you get from it is like making love to a department-store-window dummy. "The three inevitable goals of the LSD session are to discover and make love with God, to discover and make love with yourself, and to discover and make love with a woman."

I definately think LSD is great for introspection. But what if it is an external reality you want to attach yourself to? I tend to believe you'd prefer K-hole levels ketamine in a nice, comfortable, safe environment. Now, I've never had the pleasure of trying mescaline; a friend of mine who's done an extreme dose of Mescaline, several pounds of san pedro, said he spent what felt like a thousand years in another reality. He says mescaline changes you forever, like 2 years after he's still different. He feels as if he has a guardian.

Current Law Students / Re: STOP THAT $1 MILLION CHECK
« on: March 23, 2008, 12:12:54 PM »

Ashley Alexandra Dupree Offered $ 1 Million to Go Nude

Ashley Alexandra Dupree, the high-priced prostitute at the center of Gov. Spitzer's sex scandal has been offered $1 million to go nude for Hustler Magazine. "Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine will be offering $1 Million to Ashley Dupre to pose for Hustler Magazine," a rep for Hustler Magazine announced. "We want this to happen as soon as possible."

Penthouse Magazine has also made an offer. "We would love to see Ashley appear on our Web site. We would be thrilled. We are definitely reaching out to her," says Penthouse executive Marc Bell. "Her 15 minutes of fame are now and Penthouse could mean a unique and enormous opportunity for her."

Spitzer escort's 'Girls Gone Wild' videos

LA, CA -- It turns out the call girl linked to Eliot Spitzer had already shed her clothes for "Girls Gone Wild" as an 18-year-old while partying in Miami, Florida, the video company's founder said Tuesday. Joe Francis reached out to Ashley Alexandra Dupre, now 22, with an offer of $1 million to appear in a non-nude spread for his company's new magazine, plus a chance to join the "Girls Gone Wild" tour bus, his company announced Tuesday. But Francis said someone had a revelation at the Tuesday morning staff meeting: Did anyone think to check the archives?

They did, he said -- and there she was. "It'll save me a million bucks," Francis said Tuesday. "It's kind of like finding a winning lottery ticket in the cushions of your couch." Francis said at that point, his offer was off the table: "We actually had been dealing with her rep," he said. "Our [offer] was the real deal. We just never made the connection." He said his employees got to work on pulling the footage and planned to offer it on the Web site by Tuesday evening, with a free sampling on the front page and the rest available with a $29.95 monthly subscription.

Dupre's attorney, Don D. Buchwald, declined comment. According to a "Girls Gone Wild" press release, Dupre visited Miami in 2003 to celebrate her 18th birthday. After fighting with a friend and getting thrown out of her hotel, Dupre found a nearby "Girls Gone Wild" bus, the company said. She signed legal papers and spent a full week on the bus, filming seven full-length tapes that included nudity and same-sex encounters, according to the company. "I personally ended up buying her a Greyhound bus ticket back home to North Carolina," Francis said. He returned to California last week after being sentenced to time served and fines in Florida in a case involving filming underage girls. He still faces trial on federal tax evasion charges that carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

Dupre's public profile has skyrocketed since Spitzer, the New York governor, announced his resignation last week amid the prostitution scandal. He was accused of spending tens of thousands of dollars on prostitutes, including a February tryst with a call girl named "Kristen," since identified as Dupre. Dupre's MySpace page was hit more than 5 million times in the days immediately after the scandal broke. Her musical efforts, including two songs posted at the music sharing site Aime Street, were listened to hundreds of thousands of times and played on national airwaves. Hustler publisher Larry Flynt told AP Friday that he e-mailed Dupre offering her $1 million to appear nude in his magazine, but didn't sound optimistic that she would settle for that amount. Flynt suggested that by the time Dupre starts talking, she may be too big a media phenomenon for a simple magazine spread. "She is no doubt going to do a book. There will probably be a movie," he said. "I think she is going to have so many offers coming in that it will probably be wishful thinking just to get in the door."

Current Law Students / Re: That Guy In The Mirror
« on: March 23, 2008, 12:05:16 PM »
Guy walks into a bar looking very depressed. Bartender gives him a drink and asks him what the problem is. The man says he's just world-weary, has lots of problems, but nothing the bartender would be interested in. The bartender tells the man that he should go into town to the circus. In the circus is a clown named Pagliacci. He's the funniest clown in the world. Whenever the bartender gets down, he goes to see Pagliacci, and the clown helps him forget his troubles for a little while. That's what you should do, the bartender tells him. Go see Pagliacci.

There's only one problem, the man replies. I am Pagliacci.

LOL, I know whatta ya mean! ;)

Excuse our ignorance, putamen, but could you please let us others know how you understand it?


[...] The notion that the Soviets tried to acquire nuclear superiority and in the process accelerated the demise of their economy is a Pyrrhic victory given the missile threat we still face, and the inevitable proliferation of nuclear weapons into unstable terrorists' hands.

Speaking of Pyrrhus, BTW, the whole Pyrrhus' life could be considered as a big seesaw. Once up and then down again!

Pyrrhus was the son of Aeacides of Epirus and Phthia, and a second cousin of Alexander the Great. Prince of one of the Alexandrian successor states, Pyrrhus' childhood and youth went by in unquiet conditions. He was only two years old when his father was dethroned and the family took refuge with Glaukias, king of the Taulanti, one of the largest Illyrian tribes. Later, the Epirotes called him back but he was dethroned again at the age of 17 when he left his kingdom to attend the wedding of Glaukias' son in Illyria. In the wars of the diadochi Pyrrhus fought beside his brother-in-law Demetrius I of Macedon on the losing side in the pivotal Battle of Ipsus (301 BC). Later, he was made a hostage of Ptolemy I Soter by a treaty between Ptolemy I and Demetrius. Pyrrhus married Ptolemy I's stepdaughter Antigone and in 297 BC, with Ptolemy I's aid, restored his kingdom of Epirus. Next he went to war against his former ally Demetrius. By 286 BC he had deposed his former brother-in-law and taken control over the kingdom of Macedon. Pyrrhus was driven out of Macedon by Lysimachus, his former ally, in 284 BC.

His name is famous for the phrase "Pyrrhic victory" which refers to an exchange at the Battle of Asculum. When Pyrrhus invaded Apulia (279 BC), the two armies met in the Battle of Asculum where Pyrrhus won a very costly victory. The consul Publius Decius Mus was the Roman commander, and his able force, though defeated, broke the back of Pyrrhus' Hellenistic army, and guaranteed the security of the city itself. The battle foreshadowed later Roman victories over more numerous and well armed successor state military forces and inspired the term "Pyrrhic victory", meaning a victory which comes at a crippling cost. At the end, the Romans had lost 6,000 men and Pyrrhus 3,500 but, while battered, his army was still a force to be reckoned with.

In 272 BC, Cleonymus, a Spartan of royal blood who was hated among fellow Spartans, asked Pyrrhus to attack Sparta and place him in power. Pyrrhus agreed to the plan intending to win control of the Peloponnese for himself but unexpectedly strong resistance thwarted his assault on Sparta. He was immediately offered an opportunity to intervene in a civic dispute in Argos. Entering the city with his army by stealth, he found himself caught in a confused battle in the narrow city streets. During the confusion an old Argead woman watching from a rooftop threw a roofing tile which stunned him, allowing an Argive soldier to kill him.

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