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this may sound outlandish but what about reading several books or articles to boost your rc? obviously i'm not talking about this to substitute intense lsat studying, but if you really want to improve your rc before law school would investing in some good reads--literature or non-fiction--do no good in improving your overall rc?  i.e., scholarly journals; moral/philosophical papers; literature? which subject would be best for this, if at all? muchos gracias.

Current Law Students / YouTube - Student Tasered For Hat In Court
« on: January 06, 2008, 02:27:08 AM »

Some of you would say he has the right to wear a hat in court. In this line of thought, what if the Judge in your case wore an LA Dodgers hat on backwards while he's deciding your case? Would you be fine with that?

In addition, someone respond to this. I was at Barnes-Nobles today and had my feet on the small table where my chair was while reading a book. The employee asked me would you mind taking your feet off? Who was in the wrong, me or her?

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