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Imagurl - housing at uconn law fall into a few categories. For most people (ie those in mid 20's not married, etc) it's within 3 grades.

1) Area right around the school. This includes Clemens Place, a few apt buildings right off Farmington, Whitney, Fern etc. Those are the closest places and are within walking distance, though that's tough in the winter and sorta dangerous late at night.

2) 5 minute drive or so. This area is Farmington Ave. towards West Hartford Center, with tons of people off of Quaker St. right now.

3) 5-10 minute drive or so. This is where I live, which is either West Hartford streets past WH Center, or housing south of 84 near where Prospect Ave is.

And yes, I am very glad I go here.

Hope this helps.


I think I heard back sometime in March, which I believe was pretty standard for similarly situated people to me.

Stamford is a bigger legal market in CT, behind Hartford of course. Bridgeport and Waterbury also top the list, but it's pretty wide open after Hartford. If you're really interested in Stamford there are firms there that do come to UConn, but since they are usually smaller firms its a) your legwork required to find them and solicit them for employment and b) also a fact that a lot of smaller firms do no hire right out of law school since they cannot afford to spend years training you.

All -

It's been awhile - don't think there are many friends here from the 05-06 cycle, but I've always had lots of inquiries from newbies looking at UConn. Just wanted to say I'm still here, just not too active. Feel free to PM me about UConn law - I'm always happy to exchange emails and muse about the best law school in CT (Yale isn't in CT, so it doesn't count!).

Kudos and welcome aboard!

Yes, UConn does have a strong lock on the hartford market. Since there are only 3 law schools in CT, and we're essentially the best since Yale isn't counted, we do have an extremely stong presence. Everyone knows of the law school, we've got 3 conn. supreme court justices right now, and have tons of graduates working everywhere - State attorney general, judges, politicians etc etc. UConn is very, very tied into the politics and legal networks in the state, so you cant go wrong by being here. As for what the other 80/90 percent do, we get jobs everywhere else. Just because after ls you didnt go right to a number 1 firm isnt bad, and most lawyers never, ever end up working at firms like that. its just reality. Being in the top has its perks, namely easier time getting job, higher pay, more options. But, people can still be ranked high and have good grades and get great jobs...since a great job is by definition, at least in my book, the job that you ideally want. LS is tough because you WILL get caught up in the DRAMA and RATRACE, no matter what you do. So, at times you will feel like you're failing or wont ever be a lawyer because you didnt get X or fell behind Y or dont understand Z. But the reality is, people leave law school and then go volunteer, or join organizations dedicated to public service or childrens' welfare etc, and those are the jobs they want, so to them they are great jobs...UConn is also very, very affordable, esp. if you're from CT or a new england compact state. I came from MI, so I'm stuck paying out of state this year and will transition to in-state next year, saving tons of $.

Welcome to UConn and see ya around campus maybe

(even if you dont want to do environmental law, uconn has an OK selection in that area for anyone else reading) will have all the info you want, broken down quite nicely if i recall. CT has 3-5 big firms, with 1 of them being very large and growing larger - it just merged with a big nyc firm to keep gobbling up marketshare. A good chunk of uconn grads, like the top 20 percent, do get into these firms - I know people ranked as low as the 20's NOT getting into NYC/Boston, but getting into these firms. What really is important is ties and relationships - firms dont like to hire you and lose you a year later because you want to move to a different city - its not worth their investment of time and money in training you to have you jump ship. Hence, if you've got history in a city, family, friends, previous employment etc you've got an OK chance of sneaking into their in a firm job 1l or 2l summers. AS for land use law...i'm not 100 percent sure what exactly that is, besides the basic property law (BORING) so i dont know to what extent uconn has what you'd want. I can assure you though that 1l is the same no matter where you go, and a good 1l year is key for laying the foundation of a good summer job/internship, a good recruiting schedule in the fall of 2l, and then a great 2l summer job....since i myself have no interest in fighting to get into nyc/boston right after LS, i dont know too much about it - most of the people i know here are alos content to stay in CT legal circles for awhile...things happen in ls which are realize you have a passion for a certain area of law and get locked into it, you find people and businesses you like working with and decide not to move, you create communities ties (esp if you're politically motiviated) and cant imagine breaking them and starting fresh, or, as is quite common, you've got a sweetie or find one here and suddenly things like marriage start to factor into the equation....weird, huh?

I will encourage you to visit, foremost. UConn has a way of seducing you, especially if you spend some time visiting the school and the location - Hartford isn't anything fancy, but it does offer a good time (heck you're a law student, you dont have TIME to get bored of nothing to do) and it's right accross the border from boston, NYC, and an acela train ride from DC...

let me know if i can be of any assistance.

no....half of evening is right out of college and its pretty tight knit, or at least this year is...


Well, I know that at the few biglaw firms in CT, of which one just doubled in size due to a merger and now has office up and down e. coast, is in the 120-150k range. Don't expect anything higher than that - thats tops in CT. Realistically, though, salaries at UConn vary quite a bit, since we have a huge PI group here....and its Hartford too, not NYC. mmmm I thought I had a link somewhere with last yrs breakdown of salaries by sector...Basically, it runs the gamet from thr 30k range all the way up: averages I cant estimate right now, though I think its in our 'viewbook'....

I'd be happy to show ya around...its finals right now, but I still could use a break here and there...PM me if interested.


Yes, but remember that this  applies to most schools under the top 14 IF you want a top law firm in boston. People at UConn DO get these jobs, and its not even the 'top' people here, some of whom a) stay in hartford because they land really nice paying jobs or b) they go to harvad/yale after 1/2L and then get into those markets by default.

One thing to bear in mind, its perceived as 'tough' to get into into NY or Boston market because the firms you look at when leaving your local law school's market are the cream of the crop...No one would go to NYC to work at a 5 person firm, would they? I mean, unless you really really want to be in NYC or like small firms or just keep in mind that it is always possible to change legal markets, its just that a)unless you're from there/have a connection there you're intruding onto local law school's territory, unless b) you're HYS in which case life's just peachy no matter what.

SO, in short, I do know people here with jobs in NYC or Boston post graduation as 3Ls and 2Ls who have done great here (top 20 people in class or 10 percent), who had great grades, interviews etc etc..oh yes, some were law review, but i wouldnt say a majority its really on your shoulders to do well if you're not in the HYS arena.


Shoot for both, but depending on your numbers you might be save for just one. If you've been there before, I'd pound in my essay how much you really loved the vibrant campus and the wealth of opportunities to be involved and do things. While my essay focused on 'international law' bla bla bla, really, once you're here, you have zero time for things like that until 2l. If you can point out 1L things you're excited about, such as profs, student groups, upcoming campus events etc, that's a nice plus I would imagine. I dont know too much about admissions, unfortunately, even though I did get in....

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