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I've been on hiatus, but had to drop in on this conversation.  First off, great meeting everyone at UMich preview - had a great time.  Lily and Vapid, you two are awesome!  However, I"m leaning pretty heavily toward UCLA right now.  The wife is feeling a bit ill with the pregnancy, and I am worried about my ability to cope with law school, a sick wife, a one-year old baby, and an infant baby in October.  My heart is with Michigan, but my good common sense tells me that UCLA is just the better choice, especially given that I want to practice in L.A.  I'm open to thoughts and feedabck, but am definitely leaning towards UCLA (even though they broke my heart inthe NCAA finals).


My wife posted this pic on some random website.  It's the only one I can find - sorry it's so hard to see.

Am I one of the six?  Oh I hope I made the cut!

How do you post a picture on this site?  I will admit that I am technologically challenged and am having trouble.....

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: What is going on?!
« on: March 20, 2006, 02:06:39 PM »
I contacted UVA last week and basically told them I really needed some indication as to whether or not I should keep waiting, because I had to make work related travel plans for April and wanted to know if I should schedule in a visit to their campus.  They were kind enough to inform me that while they had not made a final determination, they would be able to notify me no later than this week.

I think that people are likley to be happy with a choice they make on instinct - in part because they want it to be the right choice, and because happiness is itself a choice.

If I go against my instinct in selecting a school, part of me is always going to pine for that other choice.  Everytime things get tough I will say, "I should have followed my heart,"  and I will be sad.

Isn't that what melodramatic romances are meant to teach us?

NPR ran a story on the decision making process a couple of months ago.  Basically, when it comes to big decisions it's best to get all the facts, distract yourself by something that allows your subconscious to process the facts, and than just make a split second decision.  Here's the related note from Slate's Human Nature column.  Enjoy:

"You can make better buying decisions by not thinking about them. In a study, people made simple decisions more wisely when they consciously compared the options. But when the choices were more complex, people who were deliberately distracted with an anagram game made better decisions than those who focused on the purchase options. The study also found that the longer you think about each complex buying decision, the less happy you are with the result. Theories: 1) Your unconscious brain can do complex reasoning. 2) It can handle more information than your conscious brain can. 3) Because it's less mesmerized by a few factors, it's more able to consider others."
pulled from

Choosing the Right Law School / Best Advice I've Received
« on: March 20, 2006, 08:51:54 AM »
I've been getting lots of advice on my law school choice from practicing attorneys in major LA-firms.

The consenus advice is this: when talking about schools of a comparable caliber (one person divided it into 4 caliber tiers - HYS, T20, T50, everything else) there should be only one criteria --- where do you think you'll be most comfortable.

GRADES, more than nearly anything else, will dictate where you can get a job.  Go where there will be the least number of distractions, the least amount of stress, and the best environment for you to be focused on getting top grades.

This helps with all of the "Should I go to 'school A' or 'school B' " questions.  Go to the one where you think you have the least extraneous stress factors; being happy and comfy will help you get better grades.  Usually.  HTH.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Loyola- Los Angeles
« on: March 17, 2006, 04:38:41 PM »
Can someone please tell me about Loyola Law School? Has anyone been to visit?

I haven't gone a tour, but I've been to the campuse.  It's near Staples Center in downtown, has kind of a modern architectural feel, but it didn't strike me as particularly comfortable.  It doesn't have a 'university' kind of feel, which is part of what turned me off about it.  However, if I were going to a part-time program, or I was financially/personally  unable to do the traditional university experience, it would be a nice option.  What specifically do you want to know?

I was at the UMich alumni mixer in L.A. last night.  One of the partners brought up the fact that their younger brother actually went to school at S.L. and had an incredibly difficult time finding work in Los Angeles.  They also mentioned Notre Dame as a school not to go to if you want to practice in L.A., and this was seconded by one of the associates, as well.

That's totally anecdotal, but just thought I'd thought share.  When it comes to portability, my advice would be to go to the school where you think you'll be happier and get better grades.  Your grades will have a bigger impact on the portability of your degree than which of those two schools you go to.

Law School Admissions / Re: UVA - Aplication Status
« on: March 16, 2006, 03:38:29 PM »
THanks for the advice --- they told me they have a decision for me next week.  I don't think I'm encouraged by that particular phrasing, but at least I know and can move on with my decision-making process.

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