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Current Law Students / Re: where the heck to start with outline
« on: September 21, 2007, 01:43:08 PM »
My two cents: go to this website:

 ;D Enjoy! ;D

Seriously...first of all CHILL OUT!

Second of all, practice, practice, and practice some more.  Your goal is to eventually reach the point where you read through a question and a major issue jumps out at you.  It helps to compare "hypos" as you call them in your old practice test.  Think about what each question is emphasizing.  Ask yourself how the questions are different and where the professor is pointing you towards.  For example, in Contracts, if you read a hypo which gives you all of these facts about the interaction between two people in coming to an agreement, you want to talk about the different ways a contract can be formed.  This is different from a hypo which gives you facts about two people with an ongoing contract and one of them has failed to fulfill their end of the bargain.  In this case you would probably want to discuss the remedies for breach of contract.  Learn do distinguish the different types of hypos!

Pursuing an LLM / Masters In Taxation
« on: September 17, 2007, 01:28:10 PM »
I know it's traditionally an Accountant's degree, but does anyone have or is pursuing a Masters in Taxation degree after getting your JD?  I couldn't get into the top 3 LLM progam in my town and I really can't move.  I am interested in feedback on how this has helped your career.  Thanks! 

Either read the cases or go for a secondary legal source.  Don't bother with case summations.  If you understand everything being discussed in class, read the cases and work on your skills at developing a legal rule based on the progression of the cases.  Remember to compare the facts and analysis of the cases! 

However, if you don't understand diddley squat about what people are talking about in class, and you are immediatley confused when you look at a sample essay question when getting ready to study for the exam, go to a secondary legal source and compare it to your notes.  This will give you an idea about the format of the class and how the professor is developing a legal rule for you to learn.  Remember, law school is based on the common law manner of developing law.  It's good for your career as well as for the latter years of school to develop the skill at learning how the law progresses.  God bless. 

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