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A Gallup poll showed Clinton with a favorable rate of 55%. True, her unfavorable number is 39%, which is high enough for concern -- but one that is nearly identical to Bush's on the eve of his reelection. And the unfavorable rating registered by Republican contender Bill Frist was nearly as high as his favorable numbers, with 32% saying they'd never heard of him. Then there was this eye-opening question:

If Hillary Rodham Clinton were to run for president in 2008, how likely would you be to vote for her -- very likely, somewhat likely, not very likely, or not at all likely?

Very likely 29
Somewhat likely 24
Not very likely 7
Not at all likely 40
No opinion 1

At the risk of laboring the point, 29% plus 24% adds up to a majority. I can hear my pals answering this as they read these numbers: "Yes, but that's before the conservative attack machine gets a hold of her..." Well, no, it isn't. They've been going at her with verbal tire irons, machetes, and sawed-off shotguns for 12 years now. Clinton's negatives are already figured into her ratings. What could she be accused of that she hasn't already confronted since she entered the public eye 14 years ago? Clinton today is in a position similar to Bush's at the beginning of 2004. Democrats hoped that more information about the president's youth would knock him down. But voters had already taken the president's past into account when they voted for him in 2000. More information just wasn't going to make a dent. In fact, as the spring of 2005 turned to summer there were yet another book and a matched spate of tabloid broadsides. In the face of it all, Hillary appears, if anything, to be getting stronger. Indeed, the more the right throws at her, the easier it is for her to lump any criticism in with the darkest visions of the professional Clinton bashers.

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« on: September 15, 2007, 11:20:11 AM »

Do you know that Hillary Clinton did not pass the District of Columbia bar exam on her first attempt? In fact, it was because she passed the Arkansas bar exam, but not the DC one, that she chose to follow her heart instead of her mind, going with Bill Clinton to Arkansas, rather than staying in Washington where her career prospects were best. [...]

May it not be that she subconsciously wanted to fail the DC bar exam so that she'd have a justification to go to Arkansas?! Just a suggestion..

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