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Current Law Students / Re: What was your undergrad major?
« on: August 03, 2007, 08:38:12 AM »
Finance and Corporate Communications

Wow, I just spent over an hour reading a 10 page thread, some great advice in here.  I think I over prepared for my upcoming 1L year.  I read so many different books that they all seemed to contradict each other.  It seems like every law graduate that writes a manual or preparation book knows that all entering law students are scared and will pay $25-$50 for anything they think might help.

Do I have your permission to just print this thread, bind it, and sell it next year?   ;D

Once again, thanks to all the former 1Ls, you helped clear up some of the notions I had (i.e. - I was going to be studying from 7am to 11pm, what’s better IRAC/LEEWS, outlining, class notes, etc.)

I will report back on how everything went, and also when I publish this thread, each will receive their royalties.

Current Law Students / Re: How many OL's are excited to start school?
« on: August 01, 2007, 01:57:18 PM »
I am very ready for school.  I quit my first job and took a paralegal job the two years before starting and now more than ever, I am ready to start practicing myself. 

I have help write appelant briefs, seen Civ Pro in action, and seem to have a basic understanding of legal concepts.  I want to learn more.  Other than reading some E & E books, school is where I can do it.

I also love the fact that all of my 2L and 3L friends tell me how hard it will be, how much I will hate it, etc.  That makes me want to almost prove them wrong.

Yes, I am sure this thought wont stay with me long, but its a long journey and I am ready to start it.

Good luck to all 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls and anyone studying for the Bar.

Transferring / Re: T4-Cornell
« on: August 01, 2007, 10:18:57 AM »
MrBrett, I am in the same situation as you.  I am going to attend a T4 based on scholarship only.  I am hoping to transfer to the University of Texas, but I think that is a pipedream.

I start in 3 weeks.  I have done some of the Planet Law School stuff.  I am on CD number 6 of LEEWS now (I feel a little more confident about exams than I did, but dont know how much it really helped), and I am trying to finish Part 1 of each E&E book in my 4 first year courses.

If I was number 1 in my class and my dream school came calling, I would go.  But I do understand the arguments to stay.  Good luck on your decision and Congrats, I hope I have your problem a year from now.

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