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Well, from the Mafia's perspective, there are no absolute moral truths. As a result, ethical standards must be created, or, more precisely, a perspective from which to view the world must be chosen. From their vantage point, murder is not a particularly significant act. It's just murder. For example, their killings are no more alarming than humanity's role in destroying the earth under the hospices of the word "industry." Not to mention that all creatures and even the earth itself, are destined to die. From this perspective, murder, like death, is neither moral nor immoral; it is just a fact.


The Secret Service said that Democratic Sen. Barack Obama was being placed under its protection, the earliest ever for a presidential candidate. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff authorized Obama's protection after consultations with the bipartisan congressional advisory committee, according to Chertoff spokesman Russ Knocke and the Secret Service.

Secret Service spokesman Eric Zahren would not provide details of what led to the extra security, but said, "I'm not aware it was based on any threat." According to the Department of Homeland Security, there were no known threats and Obama requested the protection. Obama campaign officials will not say why they requested early protection, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Orr. But one source inside the campaign said there is concern about the size of Obama's crowds, and the crush of people who want to press close or even touch a candidate who exudes rock star appeal.

Now we may finally know why. In the Fox exclusive, the imperial wizard of the Klan confessed just how far people can be motivated by hate.

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