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Job Search / In House Summer Associate
« on: April 22, 2008, 12:42:19 PM »
Recently offered a position as a clerk in house with a medical corporation that specializes in distribution and development of medical technology. International company that is looking to grow through acquisitions. Also alot of patent litigation and product liability defense on occasion.

I have a few other opportunities and would like to know if anyone knows of any long term benefits that go with working with a company in house (other than money lol). I know that this is valuable corporate experience but what about mentoring and such... things you get when you work with a judge or in SOME firms...

Temple ACE.

I'd also agree that you don't need printed case briefs, but I'd also say you don't need book briefs either. All you need is a one sentence summary of the facts, a one sentence summary of the black letter rule, and the understanding of how to apply that rule to other fact patterns in your brain.

I wouldn't go that far simply because I would then begin to worry about how well i am remembering things. I think I could get by with just a few sentences but I would never be able to participate in discussion because I would be secind guessing myself, even though I more than likely would be on the right track. It's funny when you get to that point in life when you are intelligent enough to know that you aren't as intelligent as you think you are lol.

That's good to know. Plus it will give me a reason to go my professor's office hour, since my class never seems to get to the real issues in an opinion because people want to hear themselves talk for fifteen minutes to an hour. Damn TTT's.

Current Law Students / Will I pay for briefing in the book in the long run??
« on: September 13, 2007, 02:41:52 PM »
Okay so I have given up briefing cases outside of my textbook. What I do is make notes in the margins and use a highlighter and I do just fine in class. I have a very good grasp of what I read when I get to class. If I dont remember, I usually dont have any problem finding things in the book with the way I highlight.

Now when it comes time to begin outlining, which from what I have heard, is refining the mass of my semesters notes into a something manageable to guide me thru the final, will I be at a disadvantage by not having case briefs to print out?

I do make comments on the cases issues, and write down questions I have about things I dont understand in the opinions on my computer. But I just wanna know if briefing the case inside the book is going to make things difficult in the long run?


I will be purchasing more white shirts to save on dry cleaning the same ones over and over.

Just buy machine washable shirts then. 

I have a few, but the quality of the shirts is usually not the greatest.

What a silly thread. If you can't manage something as basic as this, then how do you consider yourself competent enough to do on-campus interviewing?

It's not a silly thread though. Law firms can have different personalities and BigLaw can be ultra conservative in some places. Not knowing how prepped to be for OCI can be a headache and lead to more of that paralyzing law school stress. People that have already been thru OCI can review their experiences with interviewing. Why would law schools and career services offices go over these things if it wasn't relevant. *&^%, 40% of law school students may have never been professionals and never had a serious interview (being that they come straight from undergrad). I welcome all advice.. and I will be purchasing more white shirts to save on dry cleaning the same ones over and over.

Current Law Students / Re: What was your undergrad major?
« on: August 03, 2007, 09:40:31 AM »
CRJ w/ paralegal studies with a minor in poli sci. oh so normal.....i wish i had done something else.

My kaplan instructor was a 1L and she made law review and still did great at a T6 school. She did say that there wasn't as muc pressure to be ranked as high or get great grades because she was at such a great school, but she worked and is working for a firm this summer. She is doing great.

Job Search / Re: Do Law Firms Drug Test?
« on: July 20, 2007, 08:24:53 AM »
this is hilarious.

A job in high school should be irrelevant after four years of undergrad and three years of law school. Unless you were arrested for the conduct or did something crazy like stalk your night manager, you should be okay... you were in high school.

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