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What about for the letters of recommendation? Are they just general (like you'd ask from any professor) or do I need to tell them why I need them?

Hi, I'm a 2L and I live in a town about 6 hours away from my family.  I recently found out that I need to be closer to home for family reasons, and I'm not sure how to go about transferring law schools.

What is generally a compelling reason for transferring? Are family problems? How in depth should one go? 

Do I need to tell my Dean the reasons I'm leaving? If I do, is there a chance they wouldn't approve and wouldn't let me go finish my third year at another school closer to home?

Does anyone know if schools generally accept incoming 3Ls? 

For the letters of recommendation, are these just general letters or do I need to tell my recommender that I am requesting the letter because I want to transfer?

I'm not looking to go to a school for a higher ranking, just needing to be closer to my family.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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