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I didn't care to ask about Mitchell's reputation in the area I'll be practicing for the following reasons:

1) Any school that offers scholarships prior to application is a little insane in my book.
2) I know enough attorneys from growing up with their kids to know what the reputations of schools in other states are.
3) I wasn't interested in attending a private school if it wasn't Catholic.

I also want to go into public interest so it may be different for me than someone who is absolutely dying to do BIGLAW.

Don't assume you know more than me, runner-up - you're a 1L and I understand that you still think you are master and commander of the law, but you are a 1L at a comparable school to mine with what appears to be significantly worse grades than my 1L grades were.

William Mitchell was a T3 school as recently as 2005. The rhetoric that rankings are static and that schools will be stuck in one tier "forever" is factually incorrect. The faculty at William Mitchell are very high brow for an independent law school. And, if you want factual data on where graduates go, fine. I'd more than happy to rebut the notion that this a bad school to go to for a career in the Twin Cities. That's just lethally clueless.

On the national scale, if someone is planning on looking for legal jobs outside of Minnesota with a St. Thomas law degree, that's a fairly puzzling stance to take.

Most people will retort "I've never heard of that school". They will say that three years from now and beyond. It takes a long time for a new law school to develop a following in it's own state, let alone elsewhere. And, St. Thomas is not to suspend that basic law of the jungle.

I recently attended a wedding with two lawyers from San Franciso and about 15 lawyers from DC, as well as a large group of Wisconsin law alumni. All of them have heard of St. Thomas.

I'm not going to bash Mitchell - I know and work with people from there and most of them enjoy the experience as a whole and have positive things to say about the school.

As for Ave Maria, I was accepted there as well - with a full scholarship and a stipend, both of which came with the stipulation that I maintain grades in the top 10% of the class. My scholarship at St. Thomas has no such requirement.

For you to continually knock on St. Thomas is pretty ridiculous given that at this point, most attorneys view it as equal to Mitchell. Like I said, I want to practice somewhere else, where Mitchell has already established a "reputation" that is not necessarily favorable. Many of the attorneys in this area went to another Catholic law school and are very open to St. Thomas because of that.

Any of the three schools being discussed will provide the original poster with fine opportunities in the Cities, which I believe is where he wants to stay. For you to claim that one has huge advantages over the other based is "lethally clueless." I preferred UST from the minute I decided to apply to one of the three. Others many make different decisions.

bigfatbox, Ave Maria has been around for about 6.5 years. I guess you're using liberal rounding.

As a UST student, I've heard nothing but positive things about our graduates and students from employers - in fact, plenty of Mitchell grads prefer to hire us over Mitchell students. Keep in mind that while UST has a smaller LAW alumni base than the other schools, we have a larger alumni base in the city and Tommies are incredibly loyal.

UST was the only one of the three I applied to - I'm not going to practice in MN and Mitchell and Hamline do not have stellar reputations where I want to go.

taplinb, good luck with your decision.

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