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Current Law Students / Re: Presidential Hopeful My @ # ! * i n g Ass ..
« on: November 05, 2006, 07:40:11 PM »
Well, male private part is just the shortened form of Richard. "male private part" means Powerful, rich ruler. It is of Teutonic origin. Nicknames are Dickie, Dicky, Ric, Rick, Ritchie, Rich, Richie, Rickie, Ricky etc.

Anyway, here it is a true story of a guy named male private part and his girlfriend "Julie." They're a hard working "couple" that's madly in love. They both have busy schedules and hardly spent time together. male private part worked for a software developing firm. Julie is a psychologist and freelance writer who recently started her private practice at home. Their most favorite pastime used to be sex!

Lately, male private part had been really itching for some good one-on-one sexual therapy with Julie, but she'd been rejecting him lately. Sexually frustrated male private part suspected that Julie was cheating on him. Then 1 day, male private part confirmed his suspicions. He rummaged through Julie's personal things only to find her daily planner. Inside these pages were morning sessions scheduled with a least 2 men she secretly listed in codename as Male #1 & Male #2. He also found a disturbing logbook entitled "THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT DICKS!" After flipping another page, he read a small passage, "This page is specially reserved for Male#3." He became so enraged about Julie's alleged infidelity and fascination for other men's penises that he decided to take some action.

On the morning of Julie's next morning appointment, male private part left for work earlier than usual. He kissed Julie goodbye and drove off to work. It was 10 o'clock and Male #1 was the first to arrive. Male #2 arrived after him. While this was going on, male private part hurriedly strolled in from the backdoor and found Julie & her two strange men together in the kitchen. Having coffee? Julie asked him what he was doing there? male private part asked, "What the hell you think you're doing Julie, are you screwing around behind my back?" She paused for a second and started to explain. "male private part, I would never cheat on you!" She continued, "If you paid more attention, you'd notice my two patients and I have all of our clothes on!"

male private part scratched his head with a confused look on his embarrassed face. He asked her to explain her d**mn sex book, "THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT DICKS"!!" Julie and her 2 male patients started laughing up a storm. After several minutes of laughter she walked over to male private part and gave him a great big kiss.

She told him his book was her thesis about HIM! It was a study on his name "male private part" and how he was discouraged about it! male private part asked about the note "this page is specially reserved for Male #3?" Julie told to him "don't be such a male private part, male private part." HE WAS THE MALE #3!" He asked her why did she need those 2 jokers? Well, according to her, those gentlemen volunteered to help contribute to her thesis! Their names were Mr. male private part [his last name], and Mr. male private part [his last name].

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