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I started school off with a Dell Latitude; I picked the lightest weight one; no CD/DVD drive. It was nice because it was so lightweight.

The power adapter cord ripped during the beginning of 2L, so I had to get a new one. No big deal

Then during the beginning of my second semester of 2L, it started mysteriously shutting itself off for no reason. Turns out there was a problem with the motherboard or something. It's covered under warranty, so they sent someone to our house to fix it.

Still decided to get a new computer, though. Windows was always crashing and making me nuts. I bought the cheapest MacBook and used my student discount for it. Love the photo programs. Rarely crashes. The screen makes everything prettier. No problems running exam software. I don't think I will ever go back to a PC. I even bring the MacBook into my summer clerkship, because I work @ Legal Aid and the computers the clerks use make it impossible to research anything online. I love it :)

I have heard a few MacBook and IMac horror stories, though. Apparently the hard drives on the MacBook are being crappily made now. My friend has had her MacBook for 9 months and it has crashed twice. She bought Apple Care (so did I). The guy at the Genius Bar told her (the 2nd time) that you pretty much "have to" buy Apple Care because they are constructing the MacBook hard drives so poorly now. I bought Apple Care and the student discount applies; I think it's worth it. Also, back up weekly (at least). My friend's IBook did the same thing; complete crash & the hard drive was wiped. He hadn't backed up for 3 months (he's human) and there went the photos he was working on for a gallery show in July. He was pretty upset. I had gotten lax about backing up; but now I do it regularly.

If I were a 1L, I would definitely buy a MacBook or any sort of Mac, even with the hard drive problems. I would just be sure to get AppleCare. 

Current Law Students / Re: Studying day of exam?
« on: December 17, 2007, 09:55:39 AM »
I agree with Julie McCoy. Don't push yourself to study too much right after an exam (unless you have one the next day or something crazy). You will burn out.

If I have an exam in the afternoon, I will read my outline (and if there is a rulebook I will read the applicable rules) once that morning. Then I make sure to eat a good meal and feel as relaxed as I can before going into the exam.

You don't want to freak yourself out right before your exams.

Once your exam is over (if you're at all like me) there is no way you'll be able to study for the rest of that day/evening. Don't be too hard on yourself about it. Have a drink or two and relax.

Of course, I have an exam tomorrow and I'm not even done outlining for it yet. I ended up in the Top 15% last year, even with my general laziness. I'm hoping that my 2L slide won't sacrifice my GPA too much. But I'll be happy with graduating in the top 1/3.

Good luck with your exams :) And enjoy winter break!!!

OUCH!!!! Even though my school made us submit our resumes in advance (so they could approve them, and make sure there were no typos - they actually said that), I just looked on Symplicity today at the resume that I submitted on Friday (to several prospective employers) for the first round of bids... and I made a nice typo on my most recent employer's name... ouch.

I should have looked at it one last time before I submitted it... but alas, I was not that smart.

So far I have been "pre-selected" for one interview. Do I bring a fresh copy of my resume to that interview and hope they disregard the old one, or am I already SOL?

I am such an idiot.

Yeah, I was also actually wondering about that, JohnnyAwesome. I'm assuming, then, that it is worse to say that you didn't try to get on, than to have not been accepted. That makes me feel better about trying, especially because the negative part of me wonders what the point is when the competition is so stiff.

In my city it seems like most of the lawyers who work at the crim defense firms usually put in a few years at the Public Defenders office first... I don't know if this is the case everywhere. I actually will be living in the 'burbs after school, and the PD office where I will be living is looking for 2L volunteers. There's a large Spanish-speaking population there (and I'm fluent)... So maybe it will turn out to be a good match for me.

I'm hoping that between my summer clerkship and my experiences next year, I will figure out what the heck I want to do. And I'll try for the law review as well. At this point, what's another couple of weeks of work?

Thanks for you advice. Although I'm not enthusiastic about working on this "fun" write-on project right after finals, you guys bring up some good points :)

So the write-on competition is about to start at my school (apparently only 3-5 students each year grade-on... and I won't be one of them).

I'm also starting my summer (paid) public-interest clerkship during this time.

I know that I either want to work as a public defender or in the public interest arena (preferrably in the disability/mental health law field).

EVERYONE says to try for law review. Even the public interest place where I will be working this summer. About 300 students are trying to write on this year (hello TTT law school competition). There are 45 spots.

How applicable is law review to a public defender or public interest career? Wouldn't volunteering in one of these areas be a better use of my time? Would law review be a make or break thing for my career?

Current Law Students / Re: Tips for how to not dwell
« on: May 09, 2007, 10:37:42 AM »
I have the same problem. I ALWAYS walk out thinking I totally bombed the test. I've had 2 nightmares about my Contracts final that I took over a week ago. In the dream I could read the test, and I woke up in a cold sweat remembering something that I forgot to write.

I'm not sure what helps. I just keep on telling myself to forget about it, because we won't get the results back for a LONG time. I also drank right after my Contracts final, got a buzz, passed out... and then woke up and it was like I hadn't even taken a test that day... Unfortunately I had one of the nightmares that night...

Anyone less neurotic have any ideas? Sorry, Mae, I guess I wasn't much help :(

What's your current interest rate? You could always do a no-doc/no-income-verification loan (if it's financially worth it.)

Yeah, I don't think the no-doc loan would be financially worth it for us right now. Thanks, though :)

Yeah. I figured...

Well, let's cross our fingers that my S.O.'s income IS enough to qualify :)

We are considering refinancing our mortgage, but my S.O.'s salary probably won't be enough to qualify us. We will probably need to use my "income" too.

My "income" = Stafford loans and money from a paid public-interest clerkship over the summer (slightly higher than a Wal-Mart cashier's wage).

Has anyone refinanced using student loans as income?

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