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Current Law Students / Re: Racism Hurts
« on: October 05, 2006, 02:36:49 AM »
...a group of soldiers in 1968 went into a village. They had been in Vietnam for 3 months and lost about 10% of their people -- maybe 10 or 15 -- to accidents, killings and bombings. There were 550 women, children and old men in the village and they executed them all. It took a day. They stopped in the middle and they had lunch. The and Hispanic soldiers -- about 40 of them, there were about 90 men in the unit -- shot into the air. They wouldn't shoot at the villagers in the ditch. The soldiers collected people in three ditches and just began to shoot them. The blacks and Hispanics shot up in the air, but the mostly white, lower middle class soldiers -- the kids who join the Army Reserve today and National Guard looking for extra dollars -- those kind of kids did the killing. One of them was a man named Paul Medlow, who did an awful lot of shooting. The next day, there was a moment that everybody remembered afterward. One of the mothers at the bottom of a ditch had taken a child -- a boy, about two -- and got him under her stomach in such a way that he wasn't killed. When they were sitting having the K rations, the kid somehow crawled up through the bodies and began screaming. And Calley, the famous Lieutenant Calley, the Lynndie England of that tragedy, told Medlow: Kill him. "Plug him," he said. And Medlow somehow, who had done an awful lot as I say -- 200 bullets -- couldn't do it. So Calley ran up as everybody watched, with his carbine. Calley had a smaller weapon, a rifle, and shot the kid in the back of the head. The next morning, Medlow stepped on a mine and he had his foot blown off. He was being medevaced out. As he was being medevaced out, he cursed and everybody remembered one of the chilling lines he said. "God has punished me, and he's going to punish you, too"

From a speech made by Seymour Hersh at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in New York.

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