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Roger Williams / Re: RWU--The Good and The Bad
« on: April 23, 2006, 02:21:10 PM »
I graduated from Roger Williams almost 8 years ago and it sucked back then too. I chose RW because they offered me a "Scholarship"...which in the end amounted to nothing. I had good college grades in Biochemistry and a good LSAT (150+). However, the other schools to which I applied (Suffolk, Pepperdine, Florida) wait-listed me. So I took Roger Williams up on their offer. I grew up poor and ignorant, and any college that would give me a scholarship got my attention. Boy am I sorry now. I graduated in 3 years, and then decided to go to a real University to get an LL.M in Tax. Yes, folks...a real University (Denver). After that, when it was time to apply for jobs I was laughed at because I went to Roger Williams. I eventually got a small corporate job and then got "downsized". I tried once again in my city (Denver) to get a job with any law firm (with 2 years of solid transactional work and an LL.M from DU), with zero luck. Why? Roger Williams. It's like having AIDS being a Roger Williams grad outside of Rhode Island and even there I at least have hepatitus. In time I worked my own contacts, started up my own firm and at least survived. No thanks to Roger Williams.

Now they want money from me!!! Fat chance. I wouldn't give that place 00.1c of my money. Some people say Roger Williams gave them chance to practice law...I had other chances, had I just waited a year or two. Did they help me figure out how to take the Bar? No. Did they help me get a job? No. Did they help me into LL.M school? No. Did they help me develop a practice when they couldn't find me a job? No. So, what did they do? Ask me for more money....right...let me get my checkbook. In the end...would I hire a Roger Williams graduate at my firm?....Absolutely not. Why? Same reason as every other firm...Roger Williams has a bad reputation and deservedly. I made a mistake going there and had to make up for it by establishing my own firm, which sucks. I wouldn't hire a Roger Williams grad even if they were the Editor of the Law Review.
Sad, but fact.

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