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Pursuing an LLM / Re: Reasons for LLM
« on: March 21, 2006, 08:41:33 AM »
According to a law professor of mine, LLMs are increasingly expected of those who wish to teach law in the future. He recently sat on the hiring committee for my law school and, according to him, they now won't even consider candidates who do not have LLMs in addition to JDs, unless they had Ph.D.s in another discipline as well. (This, even though all the professors at my law school either graduated from Ivy Leagues or the most prestigious public law schools, which is what the current candidate pool probably looks like as well).

This same professor has law degrees from Kenya, Tanzania and Harvard and continues to work extensively with the UN. According to him, because of differences in how legal education is structured abroad,  many foreign lawyers do not highly regard U.S. attorneys with only a JD, which is considered the bare minimum for much international/transnational legal work on par with a Bachelor's Degree (!). This is because, for European lawyers, the 2 years American undergrads spend on breadth requirements is normally done in secondary/high school. When many Europeans go on to university, they only study their major and hence tend to graduate at a slightly younger age. Thus, many European lawyers finish earlier, thus allowing them on average more years of practice. In addition, many go on to earn additional degrees in law.

For me, this was pretty sobering news, but really only applicable if you plan a career as a law professor or in the international arena for a major NGO. Hope this helps!

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