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Online Law Schools / Re: My Savior Duckasouras
« on: February 21, 2006, 02:28:36 AM »
the non Aba schools tend to make the legal field more of a joke then an honorable degree.  By your posts I see your(sic) at a T3 (not that impressive, yet WAY more impressive than a non-aba). 

If the "less than acceptable" law schools make a joke of the legal field, who is it that is laughing? Are you laughing? I am not laughing. Is the general public laughing, the ones who don't know their legal elbow from a hole in the ground? No one is laughing, it is just you and people like you who continue the elitist attitude as evidenced by your remark to Texas about his so called "not that impressive" T3 school attendance.

"Law schools channel their students into jobs in the hierarchy of the bar according to their own standing in the hierarchy of schools. Students confronted with the choice of what to do after they graduate experience themselves as largely helpless: they have no "real" alternative to taking a job in one of the firms that customarily hire from their school. Partly, faculties generate this sense of student helplessness by propagating myths about the character of the different kinds of practice. They extol the forms that are accessible to their students; they subtly denigrate or express envy about the jobs that will be beyond their student's reach; they dismiss as ethically and socially suspect the jobs their students won't have to take." Duncan Kennedy, Carter Professor of General Jurisprudence, Harvard University, from "The Politics of Law".

Having read many articles and books over the last few months I can see the legal field is no different than any other. It attracts many people who are suitable to the field and many who are not. It is a prestigious and honorable calling that is attractive to many people for many reasons. I think I am more attracted to the knowledge that legal study will provide me in the areas of my life that I will need this legal knowledge. If my desire to study law, online, causes a problem in someone elses legal career I could care less. If your T1 legal education and your "LA Law" big law job is affected by me studying law online, then give me a call at 1-800-382-5633.


Online Law Schools / e-Legalines? Anyone used it?
« on: February 17, 2006, 02:03:17 AM »
Has anyone used this software and would you recommend it? Does it take the place of any other study aids? I like the idea of something that is keyed to my textbook and that I can use to make outlines. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What Voice of Reason said yesterday:

"We agree that DL is ok for people that wish to study law.."

What he really meant, he stated two days ago:

"If all you can attend is an online law school or any non ABA approved school, forget it."

What Voice of Reason said yesterday:

"Those with ABA approved degrees are not worried about competing with non-ABA schools."

What he really meant, he stated two days ago:

"The law profession is very cutthroat and prestige-oriented, from the cradle (law school admissions) to the grave (making partner).  The legal profession is saturated due to everyone thinking they can do it too, and many lesser ranked schools perpetuate this problem."

What Voice of Reason said yesterday:

"if someone has some weird fetish to learn law for the hell of it, go for it."

What he really meant, he stated two days ago:

"There's no such thing as the "hobby of law".  It's either a profession or its not.  If someone, for reasons I could never understand, wants to take up law as a hobby, don't go to law school.  For one, you are taking up a spot reserved for some other zealot that wanted to be a lawyer since he/she was 11 for a career because you were "curious"."

What Voice of Reason said yesterday:

That is the whole point of people coming on here and denouncing non ABA schools (some more eloquently than others).  Many began with well-reasoned arguments, but were reduced to flame after aloha responded with immaturity and arrogance.

What he really meant, he stated two days ago:

"This has been discussed ad nauseum, no need to rehash.  If all you can attend is a T3/T4, think long and hard before committing yourself.  Know what you are getting yourself into and be honest with yourself.  Consider waiting a year and retaking the LSAT or even waiting three years for your score to be erased and start fresh."

What Voice of Reason said yesterday:

"I'm sick of this topic."

What he really meant, he stated two days ago:

"law can be quite boring sometimes.  Many of those that have dreamed of being a lawyer all their lives find it difficult to wade through some of the subject matter."   

Online Law Schools / Re: My Savior Duckasouras
« on: February 15, 2006, 02:05:50 AM »
A poem by Duckasouras:

Ducky's Big Day.

It was a day in June, about half past noon,
When Ducky got his law degree.
The Dean said, "Boy, come on down here,
I got something I want you to see"
The Dean held out a fine new diploma,
With Ducky's name right in the middle.
"I can see you're really excited boy,
'Cause I think you're starting to piddle."
With his diploma in hand, and in control of his gland,
Ducky went down to see his folks.
"We are so proud of you son, you son of a gun,
you'll be the butt of no more jokes."
At the end of the day, when he went out to play,
The neighbor kids asked what he had done,
"Last year I couldn't spell lawyer, this year I really are one."

Online Law Schools / Re: My Savior Duckasouras
« on: February 14, 2006, 02:57:16 PM »
A poem, by Duckasouras

My name is Duckasouras and I come here to say,
My ignorance is abounding and it grows with every day.
If I ever had an original idea, I can't remember when,
Life is just so difficult, I wish I had a friend.
Until the day I find a friend, I guess I'll stay right here,
And spread my mindless blather and be a general horses rear.

Wild Jack Maverick, you should have your name changed to the Voice of Reason because you deserve the literal title. All I can say about your response to "Duckasouras Jr"(Donald Duck voice effect) the equal opportunity specialist formerly known as Voice of Reason, is didn't anyone ever tell you not to piss into the wind? This guy is just going to come back and flame your post and tell you what a waste of time it is and yadda, yadda, yadda. He is like a broken freaking record already. He is so sure that distance learners don't belong in law that he wants to have us marked with a big "DL" so the rest of the world will know that we are not as good as he is. I appreciate all of your common sense posts on the board. I just think you are wasting your time on this self appointed wind bag defender of the legal profession. He did name himself Voice of Reason. Think about it.

If ever there was a self righteous wind bag, you are it. "If you can't do it my way, or the ABA way, don't do it, you will be wasting your time." So it is said by Duckasouras Jr(Donald Duck voice effect), the equal opportunity specialist formerly known as "Voice of Reason".

Online Law Schools / Re: Who is duckasoreass?
« on: February 14, 2006, 03:58:43 AM »
Voice of Reason, (reverb and echo effect), are you serious calling someone else a bigot? What do you call yourself? Either you have an extreme hatred for distance learning law students, or you have a hatred for me, either way you spend way too much time visiting the Distance Education Law Student Board spreading your intolerance. When I was your age I was out in the world achieving things and seeing the world. In my haste to get busy with my life, I let some opportunities go by that may be more difficult to pursue now. I am pursuing law study online, and I know you don't approve. Life really sucks, don't it. Go pursue whatever it is you intend to pursue and give your advice to a group of people whom you have something in common with. You don't seem to have anything in common with anyone on this board, except Duckasouras. By the way, you and Duckasouras make a good team, you two really quack me up. Keep up the good fight and make sure you consult the moderator to see if it is okay to come back for a visit to the Distance Education Law Schools Board. We have put you on double secret probation, and if you come back without authorization, the moderator has been authorized to change your nickname to "Duckasouras Jr.(Donald Duck voice effect), sorry no more reverb and echo effect with that name.   

Online Law Schools / Re: Who is duckasoreass?
« on: February 14, 2006, 03:31:51 AM »
Ducky Baby,

Look dude, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I was out having the midlife crisis you suggested in more than one post. My crisis was really bad, dude. I tried to get the senior discount at Denny's but they busted me. Kind of like when I used to try to buy alcohol when I was underage. Actually, I am not quite in midlife yet, haven't you heard, fifty is the new thirty? I am not quite fifty yet, so I guess it must be like I am in my twenties. I guess that means that you must be like eight years old or so. I got a question for you dude, if ignorance is bliss, and you have an orgasm, how can you tell which is which? Do you know what an orgasm is, Ducky? Call me if you need a clue. Peace out, dude.

Online Law Schools / Re: My Savior Duckasouras
« on: February 14, 2006, 03:12:07 AM »
I'm glad you showed up Nontradstudent, it is good to see someone else is out there, probably just as amazed at the ignorance and intolerance of some people as I am. Our friend Texas is a breath of fresh air to speak the less popular truth from his side of the fence. I suspect that he is not someone who does something because everyone else is doing it. He seems like a person who thinks for himself and can recognize that intelligent people make choices and don't care what others think.

Isn't it great that this board gets so much input from people who are not DL students? What possible reason would they have for spending all their time on this board attempting to degrade people, other students of law, who have decided to take a different path than they did? I have the greatest admiration for anyone who chooses to advance their education through whatever means. Law study is a higher calling, and the general public views legal professionals as somewhat of an elite group. It is not good when the legal students, not yet legal professionals, start to consider themselves elite. 

I hope the few people who have continued to make their feeble assaults on this board don't discourage other DL students from participating. I will be here to answer any questions that I may answer for any DL student that has a question. If I can't answer their question, I will try to find someone who can.

I really do like hearing from students at traditional law schools who have input that is useful to the distance learner. The less than helpful should be happy to be in law school and content with their personal choice to study law. I would feel good about it if I was in their place, but I would not consider myself superior to anyone. I would feel humbled to be in the footsteps of the many intelligent, successful legal professionals that have gone before me.

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