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Job Search / Re: No job...what now?
« on: November 13, 2007, 12:24:07 AM »
Mid-size firms are still hiring, for sure.  If you're serious about not getting the SA money, you should work for a judge--I did this my 1L summer, and I LOVED it.  Try to find a judge who worked in another government branch before being appointed, because he may be able to hook you up.

Job Search / Re: What firms did everyone end up at?
« on: November 13, 2007, 12:20:47 AM »
I'm probably going to a V30 over a lot of higher-ranked options--I just love them, and they were cool about letting me split my summer with a specialty firm.  Making the call tomorrow.  :)

Job Search / Re: Are these really the Best 50 Law Firms for Women?
« on: November 11, 2007, 12:00:19 PM »

I somewhat agree, and was extremely irked that when I asked about advancement opportunities for women, I received chatter about part-time.  I do not wish to work part-time!!! I want to know that they're addressing the large inequality between male and female associates.

And this is where I differ from your assumption that it's a pure meritocracy.  The 17% figure isn't due just to the fact that some women choose to leave the profession to have families; it's also due to historical discrimination against women.  Read, for instance, about Justice Ginsburg's and Justice O'Connor's experiences trying to get a job out of law school. 

Fortunately for out generation, things have vastly improved, and open discrimination is no longer allowed.  However, you can hardly assume that a legal change will drastically alter people's attitudes, and certainly not immediately. 

At this point, I've been to a lot of big NY firms to interview and to numerous other receptions. There were certain firms that felt like "old boys' clubs."  At one reception, a partner answered my questions to the guy standing next to me.  At another, a lawyer asked one of my male friends where the strip clubs where in our city.  Another lawyer made derogatory jokes about his wife.  Making partner is as much about the ability to build social networks as it is about legal acumen, and it's no wonder than women are disadvantaged in such environments.

Job Search / Re: Law firm job titles
« on: November 11, 2007, 11:39:25 AM »
The above posts are correct, but I would add that at some places, "counsel" refers to people who are upper-level associates on the partnership track.  I think one of the lit shops (Boies or Quinn) used this structure.

Job Search / Re: Which NYC firms use the best hotels?
« on: November 11, 2007, 11:36:55 AM »
Sorry, I forgot about this board!  This is probably of no use to you now, but for future generations:

The two best places were Gibson Dunn (Waldorf) and Boies (Hotel Benjamin--a swanky corner suite!).  SullCrom put people at the Tribeca Grand.  Wilkie used the Time, which was kind of lame... I know other firms have put people there too (Cravath, I think).  Latham used the east side W, which is convenient to their office but very small.

The best travel agency is Lawyer's Travel, which many of the firms used.  They're friendly and responsive.

Current Law Students / Re: Transfer from U Mich to Harvard
« on: April 10, 2007, 11:32:36 PM »
If you really want to be close to the east coast, but not in NYC, try Penn (or UVA).  If you just pick your grades up a little, you probably have a chance of getting in to one of them.

EDIT:  Too late for this guy, but Columbia takes a lot of transfers.... something like 60 people.

Current Law Students / Re: Delaney's Learning Legal Reasoning (1988)
« on: April 02, 2007, 10:19:17 PM »
the exam book is quite helpful--mostly obvious stuff, but it helps you organize what you intuitively know you need to do.

Current Law Students / Re: Looking for your review of your law school...
« on: February 25, 2007, 01:07:55 AM »
Do the pre-law world a favor and publish something honest. You’re only going to accomplish that by anonymous submission.

Thank you very much for the insightful response.  You have really given everyone here a lot to think about in terms of bias.  We are actually going to have a meeting Monday to discuss possible changes in the way we approach this publication.  Thanks again.

One way you might elicit better information is to ask people to list their favorite AND least favorite things about their respective schools.  It's rare to EVER see negative information published about law schools, which is part of why it's so hard to make an informed decision.

It's difficult to imagine that you're going to get quality reviews in 250 words or less.  In that space, I could tell you that Penn has a "friendly" atmosphere.  Given more words, I could explain that I play tennis with my Property professor, or that I am going out to dinner with the dean.

Funny you posted this now...I have my Civ Pro exam in a few hours...and as I've said it's my worst exam in terms of preparation...too much time spent on the first three.  Anyways, any advice or tips?

1.  If you get to use your FRCP, use them!  (and obviously, if you can bring in an outline, make a quickie checklist--we couldn't bring in anything but the casebook and the rules)
2. This goes for everyone who has Civ Pro coming up.  Go here:  Under Civ Pro, download the first "civ pro charts."  It's gooooood.  (wish I coulda brought that with me!  :-\)

Before I saw this thread, I posted this on the other side:

So I had my first test today, which for whatever reason the school decided should be Civ Pro (way to make the hardest one first...).  I wrote a lot, and I know I got SOME stuff.... but all I can keep thinking about is the stuff I missed.  I know for certain I misidentified one issue (I called defensive nonmutual collateral estoppel OFFENSIVE, grrr); it hit me like two hours after the test.  I should have thrown in more about joinder, fur sure, even though not immediately relevant... that was a secondary issue.  How can I stop thinking about this??

Oh, did I mention, our prof gave us 90 min. to analyze a 3pg., single-spaced fact pattern? And said he gave no credit unless everything was in full sentences with some analysis?  Lose-lose sitch. 

And, very weird fact patterns: no 1332 smj, no venue, no Erie except for the Hanna test for FRCP... wtf? 

God, I wish we could get immediate feedback on these things.

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